FMX Profiles

Josh "Sheeny"Sheehan


Story by Holtzy. Pics by Bushy, Craig Chiswell, Pauly Doyle, Philip Lycholit, Simon Makker & Holtzy
Josh “Sheeny” Sheehan is the best FMX rider West Australia has ever produced and he is fast making his name as one of the best FMX riders in Australia.

Steve Sommerfeld


Story & Photos by Holtzy

24yr old Valyside team rider Steve Sommerfeld from Tiaro in Queensland is the Mr Nice Guy of Australian FMX. Steve is a very good FMX rider with a big bag of tricks and thanks to plenty of time on the dirt jumps at home and at Matt “Schuie” Schubring’s place he’s a good natural terrain rider as well. The proof being a recent first place at the 2008 New Zealand Farm Jam natural terrain event.

Rob Adelberg


Story by Holtzy Photos by Bushy & Holtzy

20yr old Rob Adelberg from Benalla in Victoria is arguably the first of the new age FMX riders. At a baby faced 14yrs of age he got his first photos in Freerider MX mag busting out killer grab tricks on a CR80 and from that time on he has steadily progressed to be one of the finest riders in Australia.

Mary Perkins


Story, Photo's and Video by Holtzy

"Scary" Mary Perkins from Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand is the Queen of FMX worldwide. Not only is she one of the very few female riders that can do FMX tricks over a 75ft jump but she also holds the Guiness Book of Records longest jump ever by a female on a motorbike which is 159.4ft.

Haki Waller


Haki was the absolute find of the recent HGMtv/ Freerider MX freeride tour of New Zealand. At 12 years of age he had no problem hucking 140ft on his KX85. While the big boys were impressive hitting these kind of jumps on their 250’s you would hear Haki ringing the guts out of his 85cc from miles away as he got every inch of speed he could out of the machine to clear the gap. It really was mind blowing to see such a cool, humble kid ride so well and as you can see he’s no stranger to a BMX bike either.

Robbie "Maddo" Maddison


Story & Photos by Holtzy
This story and interview was recorded by me in Temecula, California a couple of years ago when I spent a few weeks living with Maddo and his then fiancee Amy as they battled hard to crack the US market. At that stage Maddo was in the early stages of preparing for his first crack at the world record distance jump and was still relatively unknown to anyone but hardcore FMX riders. Since then he's gone on to break the world record longest distance jump several times (including 378ft in practice which is the unofficial world record) plus backflipping the river Thames in England and of couse his amazing step up and step down jump on the exact replica of the Arc de Triumph in France.
Maddo is the modern day Evil Knievel. He is a classic Aussie Underground Legend gone huge and a damn fine human being. Legend is too small a word to describe what this man has achieved.

Brad Landers


Story by Holtzy Photos by Holtzy and PhotoCaro/

25 year old Brad Landers burst onto the FMX at the recent gathering of the tribe down in Esperance when he came out of nowhere to be just the second person in West Australia to land a backflip and the first to land more than one as well as the first to land any sort of backflip combo.

Craig Ditchburn


Story & photos by Holtzy

This is one of my all time favourite FMX stories. Back in the early days of the backflip in Australia when Jono Porter and Rob Felli were just starting to land a few, a totally unknown rider in a remote town in south west Western Australia grabbed his own piece of flip history. The only difference is that aside from his mates around town no one knew he had done it until now and there was never any fame, glory, women or paychecks for his effort.