About Homegrown Maniacs


Homegrown Maniacs (HGM) is an Extreme Sport production company which was first established back in 1998 when surf photographer Leith "Holtzy" Holtzman began filming the relatively new sport of Freestyle Motocross (FMX).

Holtzy's first video "Organised Kaos" was released in 1999 and featured a little bit of FMX along with surfing, skateboarding and BMX. It was a true crossover extreme sports film that went on to become a minor classic.

It was Holtzy's second film released in 2000 that really announced the arrival of HGM. That film was the original "Homegrown Maniacs" film and finally Australia had its first all FMX movie. Holtzy has since followed that up with "Homegrown 2: Recipe For Disaster" in 2001, 'The Warpt Big Gap Challenge" in 2003 then "Homegrown 3: The Freeriding Fantasies" in 2004. In 2007 after three years on the road filming HGM released the dual DVD "Homegrown Maniacs 4: The Curves Of Mother Nature"- Australia's first all natural terrain FMX film along with the bonus film "Homegrown Maniacs: The Steel Sessions". HGM 4 has gone on to be easily the biggest selling Australian produced FMX film ever made.

But Homegrown Maniacs has become more than just a series of FMX films. It's become a way of life. The motto of HGM is "Crazy People doing Crazy Things in their Own Backyard". In every town around the globe there is always someone who loves to do something a little bit crazy. Whether it's jumping dirt bikes or BMX, kick flipping huge flights of stairs on skateboards or taking off on massive walls of water on a surfboard, Homegrown Maniacs is there to document the feat and tell the world.