Holtzy's Diary

December 11 2007

Diary Entry December 11 2007. Location: HGM Post Production
suite, Perth

Well I'm sitting in an office while we put the finishing touches to
the Narrogin Rev Heads DVD and all I can say is thank @#$% it's
nearly all over. A combination of sickness, other work and
personal dramas has ment it has dragged on and on but it's been
worth it as the final product looks really, really good.

In most of my other films I have done the graphics and I think
they have suffered for it as good graphic require lots of training

November 7 2007

Diary Entry November 7 2007 Location: The Office, Perth.

Well I've been lazy on the diary entries again. It's been two
months since my last one and plenty has happened. Been
working hard on the pilot for the TV show and it's nearly done
thankfully. Or at least my part in it is. It still needs all the
graphics added but it's looking pretty slick.

About once every fortnight or so I've been slipping down south
for some waves. I camped solo in the bush a week or two ago
and got some good waves as well as some really good fish

September 4 2007


Diary Entry September 4 2007. Location: Ningaloo Blue Internet
Cafe, Exmouth

I hadn't written in my diary for a while so I thought I'd better update it. I've been on an almost non stop 6 week surfing binge taking in a fair bit of the best waves in North West Australia. It's the best run I've had for a long time an theres been some really epic sessions in there.

July 1 2007

Diary Entry July 1 2007 Location: Ningaloo Blue Internet Cafe
Exmouth, West Australia

Well it's been a while since I did a diary entry so I thought I'd
better check in and let everyone know whats happening. I'm still
in Exmouth filming Whale Sharks and having a ball while saving
money for the next step for HGM. It's almost impossible to make
money out of DVD's and magazine work so I have had to step
aside from the whole HGM deal for a while to save up enough
money to finance the next stage of the Homegrown Maniacs TV

May 8 2007

Diary Entry May 8 2007 Location : Exmouth WA

I have been meaning to make a diary entry for a while but never
had I thought I would make one under these circumstances.
Three days ago a friend crashed 10 feet away from me and died.
I have seen a lot of crashes in my time with FMX and knew one
day someone would die but i always thought it would happen
elsewhere and I would hear about it just the way you guys would
have. A situation where you are sad but distance from the event
means the full impact never hits home. To have it happen before
my eyes was devastating.

February 10 2007

Diary Entry February 10 2007 Location: The Office, Perth

I'm Alive!!! Yes folks it's been a while between diary entries and
indeed anything new on this site. I took some time off after
finishing HGM 4 and the last thing I wanted to do was get on a
computer. Instead I got some surf, caught up with the family,
checked out a couple of festivals and in general had a good time.

So what does 2007 have in store for Homegrown Maniacs? Well
things are pretty exciting in the office right now as we work on
the first ever HGM TV series. We have some big plans to create

November 5 2006

Diary Entry November 5 2006 Location: The Office, Perth

Well it's been a month since I have done a diary entry so I
thought I had better do one to keep it rolling. It certainly hasn't
been through lack of time on the computer as thats all I have
done in the past month. Stare at the same bloody thing thats in
front of me now.

The light is at the end of the tunnel. The Perth launch is just a
few days away but I'm still no where near finished. I doubt I will
have everything done by Thursday but the main movie will be

October 3 2006

Diary Entry October 3 2006 Location: Brisbane, QLD

So the King Of The Coast is over for another year and I'm a few
less brain cells wiser for the experience. After practice was over
on Friday we all headed to the Rose and Crown Niteclub in
Surfers for the launch of Units first video called Knife. It was
good to be out on the town again with all the boys and yeas I got
pretty messed up and are still hearing stories from that night
that I dont remember anything about. I know I watched the video
and didn't think much of it but I'm biased.

September 25 2006


Diary Entry 25/9/2006 Location: Mercure Hotel Sydney

Well I'm back in Oz and to be honest pretty happy about it. if I
didn't have the stress of losing all my gear I would have kissed
the ground when I got here but I digress. First things First-

I was lucky to get that opportunity to go to Mexico with Mike
Mason, photographer Chris Tedesco and MC Portraya and glad I
took it. I was told plenty of horror stories about what goes on
down there but where we went- Ensenada- is one of the more
cleaner, touristy towns and I didn't feel especially vulnerable

September 15 2006

Diary Entry September 15 2006 Location: Mike Mason's house,
Carson City near Reno

Ahh the dramas of trying to film FMX. After sitting at Mason's
house for 3 days while conditions were perfect but the boys were
playing ina golf tournament we woke today ready to ride and the
wind was howling. So the day was spent on computers and
playing games of Guitar Hero. hence the photo of Mason above.

Went to Reno a couple of nights ago for my first proper night out
in America. Got drunk at a bar in a casino with Mason, Myles