Holtzy's Diary

September 12 2006

Diary Entry September 12 2006 Location: Mike Mason's house,
Carson City, California USA

Back to some down time after the San Jose Dew Tour event. Just
hanging at Mason's house while he's up in Reno on a once a year
FMX golf gathering. I will probably go join him tomorrow and the
riding will begin out at Dustin Millers house in a few days time.
Right now the two biggest names in USA FMX photography-
Steve Densmore and Chris Tedesco are also here so between the
three of us in the one house theres a truckload of covers, posters

September 8 2006

Diary Entry September 8 2006 Location: The Hampton Inn, San
Jose, USA

Well things hit a brick wall over the past few days. Since that last
session at Mike Metzgers I havent shot one frame of footage.
Robbie and Amy have been running around sorting out
insurance, the police and getting a new car. Meanwhile I have sat
in my room and worked on Homegrown 4. I'm stoked I took my
computer with me as the down time has been put to good use. I
have put together a number of sections for the movie and are
very happy with how they are looking.

September 4 2006

Diary Entry September 4 2006 Location Robbie Maddisons pad-
Temecula, California

Well it's never boring over here I can certainly say that but right
now a little boredom would do nicely thank you. It's amazing just how quick things can change.

After an epic ride session at Nate Adams place everybody is happy. The night is a perfect peaceful still evening with lots of stars out and
nothing to be heard but the crickets chirping.

August 30 2006

Diary Entry August 30 2006 Location: Robbie Maddisons house
Temecula, California

Things are going well. Had my first two FMX film shoots. Both
sunset sessions at Jimmy Fitzpatricks place which is about
10minutes from where I'm staying with Maddo. The days are
stinking hot over her at the moment running between 35-45
degrees celcius so it's not until late that it's cool enough to ride.

Jimmy's compound is the best I have ever seen with a standard
75ft steel ramp setup and a heap of big dirt hits all designed to

August 28 2006

Diary Entry August 28 2006 Location: Maddo's pad, Temecula

Well I finally got to the USA. Not without some flying time
though. Flew Perth-Melbourne-New Zealand- Los Angeles. With
time on the ground in between it was two full days on planes and
in airports.

Aussie FMX legend Robbie Maddison picked me up in his new
truck and after a few wrong turns got us out to Temecula about 2
hours north of LAX. Turns out he is staying with one of the
original stars of the Crusty movies- Larry Linkogle who lives just

August 18 2006


Diary Entry August 18 2006 Location: The Office, Perth

Had my first taste of live television today. I was special guest on
the morning news show Wake Up Perth on channel 31. We just
talked about the Whale Shark season, FMX and of course all
things Homegrown Maniacs. Showed some FMX footage plus
some highlights of the Whale Shark season and blew everyone
away. My friend Weeksy hosts the show so it made the whole live
TV thing not quite as nerve wracking as it could have been and I
managed not to swear once. I was actually on there for the whole

August 7 2006


Diary Entry August 7 2006. Location: The Office, Perth

Well I'm back from four months chasing the world's largest fish.
For those that are wondering I have deliberatly removed all the
whale shark diary entries so they dont clutter up the diary so
much. For those interested in the highlights of the season click

It's been madness since I got home but I digress. First things first
the trip home with Demelza was a winner. Had a good shoot in
Carnarvon with with a few of the HGM crew. Called into Kalbarri

May 7 2006


Diary Entry May 7 2006 Location: Ningaloo Blue office, Exmouth

Yesterday was amazing. The first HGM show was incredible.
Good riding, big crashes and a heap of people who had never
seen FMX before were blown away. I've had heaps of crew come
up to me and say how awesome it all was. To say I am very proud
is an understatement. There will be one or two parents around
town that will probably wish it didn't happen after junior crashes
doing a no hander on his pushy but hey that's what it is all

Another big thanks to everyone involved especially Rachelle and

April 4 2006


Diary Entry 4/4/06 Location: The Office, Perth

Well I'm back from the madness that is the Margaret River Pro
with all limbs and camera gear intact. I say limbs because I was
the water photographer for the last 4 days of the comp and this
time of year is salmon season and lots of big Bronze Whaler
sharks like to follow the salmon. At one stage I had just got out
of the water and was heading to my car when i noticed sharks in
a big feeding frenzy tearing into a school of salmon EXACTLY
where I had been swimming around just minutes before. I had a

March 28 2006


Diary Entry 28/3/06 Location: Mev's Party House, Margaret River

Ahh it's good to be in Margs again. If any place feels like home to
me it's this one.I got down a few days ago. Got straight on the
piss with the boys and then went fishing. Caught a bunch of fish
including a 12 pound salmon then went and checked out the "B
Movie Heros" a bunch of very talented Aussie muso's playing at
Settlers Tavern. It's not often you see a band with four guitarists
but these guys pull it off well. The band and a few others came
back here for a