Holtzy's Diary

March 192006


Diary Entry 19/3/06 Location: The Office, Perth West Australia

Took the very sexy Demelza down to Bunbury today to check out
another little gathering of the West Oz FMX tribe. I used to live in
Bunbury for a while years ago but have done my best to avoid it
ever since. The place is a hole and despite it's size does nothing
useful for the young people in town (Aside from the token skate
park). Every time the boys try and get a place to ride the Council
shuts it down and the location for this shoot is the next on the

March 12 2006


Diary Entry 12/3/06 Location: TB Kalgans Hell Pad, Perth

Well it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. After a bit of
organising no less than eight lovely ladies turned up in the
big Anything Evil truck today for a photo shoot at my mate
Kalgan's luxurious Perth house.

I had an idea about a sketch I wanted to do for Homegrown 4
called "A Typical Day in the Life of an FMX Rider" where Fungi
lives in this house with all these hot chicks yet he goes through
his day like they dont even exist. It's pretty hard to explain but

March 7 2006


Diary Entry 7/3/06 Location: Back In The Office, Perth


That's all I can say. What a trip! I have been involved in FMX for a
long time and that was the best weekend I have ever been
involved in. Everything went according to plan which is what
blows me away the most. Now it's a matter of sorting through all
the footage, writing stories and posting pics. it's going to take
me a good week to do it all.

Actually yesterday things nearly came unstuck once or twice. On
the way back from Esperance Fungi's van broke down 3 times

March 5 2006


Diary Entry 5/3/06 Location: Luke Rowes house, Esperance

Another epic day.

It begun a little slower today after everyone had a massive night.
Don't ask me what happened because I don't remember. All I
know is I woke up this morning and was totally amazed to find
out I was in my own bed. Things are very hazy as to what
happened before that.

By the afternoon hangovers had cleared sufficiently to get out to
the dunes for the final session of the trip. After everyone had a
ride the Cause For Concern guys set up a ramp so a few of the

March 4 2006


Diary Entry 4/3/06 Location: Luke Rowes place, Esperance

All time day today. We were up early organising all the logistics
for the big heli shoot. Ditchy was out at Warden Massive
smoothing runups at first light. Cowboy was making flags for
warnings if crew crashed and the rest of the mob all had a job. It
was Organised Kaos.

I was up in the Chopper by 10.30 and what followed was an hour
of total mayhem. I got the riders to all line up on top of the ridge
and then peel off one by one as the chopper flew in. That worked

March 3 2006


Diary Entry 3/3/2006 Location: Luke Rowes House, Esperance

Well the Esperance shoot is off to a flying start. Just got back
from an epic session at Warden Massive where all the boys were
blowing up. Schuie especially was at his usual high standard
throwing all sorts of massive tricks over most of the jumps there.

Later today we hit the dunes then we will have a meeting tonight
about how we will approach the helicopter shoot. It's all very

The drive down was fun. We all got on the beers and got rowdy.

March 1 2006

Diary Entry 1/3/06 Location: The Office, Perth West Oz

All set for the big weekend. Got a heap of running around in the
morning then it's 8 hours of long straight roads to Esperance.
Fungi is picking me up, then we pick up Schuie's bike, then
Schuie from the airport and we are off. It's gunna be sick!!!!

The radio stint was good fun. Just talking about myself, the
website and the Esperance trip. My good mate DJ Dr Funkenstein
interviwed me so that made it easy. It was as much for practice
for future media stuff as anything but there still would have been

February 27 2006

Diary Entry 27/2/06 location: The Office, Perth

Well it's all starting to come together now. The big Esperance
shoot is on this weekend. Schuie is flying in Thursday. I still find
it hard to believe he's prepared to fly all the way from
Queensland and drive 8 hours just to ride for a couple of days.
He's a true legend.

This weekend has the potential to be something special. It's not
often everyone gets together like this and it has never really
happened in W.A. There's even guys driving from Karratha to be
involved. For those that dont know that represents a round trip

January 19 2006


Diary Entry 19/2/06 Location : The Office, Perth

Haven't had a diary entry for a while so I thought I'd update even
though times have been duller than normal. Just been in the
office putting this website together all day every day. I think it's
finally coming together.

Also working on the Esperance Helicopter trip and getting my
first lot of clothing done. I should take delivery of the first lot of
shirts and hats before Esperance. I have possibly got one of the
best FMX riders in the country coming over for the shoot as well.

January 23 2006

Diary Entry 23/1/06 Location : Back home dammit

Just got back from down south. Got a good surf in this morning.
The swell had dropped but Margs was still 6-8ft, the sun was
shining and it was a good day to be alive. My first surf for the
year and the biggest I had been in for a while. I sure felt all those
hours on the computer. My fitness was pretty average. Any 10ft
sneakers on the head and I would have been in deep trouble.

Anyway thats it for fun for me for a while. It's all work until the
Esperance Helicopter shoot in early March and the Margaret River