Holtzy's Diary

January 22 2006

Diary Entry 22/1/06 Location Prevally Park, Margaret River

Just got back from the Sunday Session at Caves House in
Yallingup. The place was packed to the rafters with a veritable
whos who of West Oz surfing. Taj Burrows was there with his
super hot French Girlfriend. jake Patterson was there as well as
all the guys from my party and a heap more. They had scored
good waves at Injinup Carpark for the Tajs Small Fries Comp.

The Swell got pretty big today. Margs was a solid 8-12ft and
there were bigger sets on the bombies. North Point had a few big

January 21 2006

Diary Entry 21/1/06 Location: Prevelly Park, Margaret River

Had my birthday party last night. It went off! The boys from the
band Beeva Feeva turned up and jammed. FMX legend Jeza Ray
was there.

The real surprise for me was when a bunch of the best junior
surfers in the world turned up. Kids like Ry Craike, Yadin Nichol
and Kerby Brown are household names these days. I was the first
to get a photo published of all of them and the first to put them
in a movie so it was pretty special to have them come and
celebrate my birthday with me now they are all famous and

January 16 2006

Diary Entry 16/1/06 Location : Home

It's my birthday today! Happy birthday to me ! Happy Birthday too

21 Again!!!!!

Flew home from Queensland late yesterday feeling pretty happy
with myself. I took a big gamble doing the NZ and Schuies trip
given that I arrived home with less than $10 to my name. Now
it's time to get on the computer and start going through all the
photos and about 12 hours of video.

Birthday party next week. Should be good.

January 14 2006

Diary Entry 14/1/06 Location: Schuies with a beer in hand

An Epic Day.
Finally Schuie's Summer Camp lived up to expectations. Today
was hot, sunny and the best in the business turned up to ride. Schuie, Balchin , Harriman, Robbie Marshall and Chris Thomson all rode today.

Some highlights were Balchin flipping 90ft dirt to dirt for the first

January 13 2006

Diary Entry 13/1/06 Location: Schuies Couch

After the epic day at the clay pit it rained again last night. The
boys head out late

for a foam pit session. Schuie does a varial while Balchin works
on the 360. Harry and Freerider MX editor Ben Foster work on backflips. God it must be hot in the pit in all that riding gear.

January 12 2006

Diary Entry 12/1/06 location Schuies Swimming pool

Bloody long day today but a good one. Schuies Summer Camp is
officially under way.

Schuie and I hit the clay pit early and dug most of the day to
create a bunch of jumps including

• two 85-80ft step ups

• 100-120ft step up

• 6 pack double, double to ridge step up

• 3rd gear ridge step up

It was hot, sweaty, dry and dusty but worth it in the end. Schuie
got the bobcat bogged once but worked hard for five hours
straight to create dirt bikers paradise.

January 11 2006

Diary Entry 11/1/06 Location; Schuies lounge room- Boonah,

Lay Day today. Weather improving all day. Fingers crossed it
stays that way but it's so muggy it feels like any minute the clouds will build up and it will start raining again.

Went to Schuies compound to shoot some stuff for the opening

January 10 2006

Diary Entry 10/1/06 Location; Schuies Place, Boonah, QLD

Pissing down with rain overnight and first thing. Balchin and
Harry rock up so everyone is here but there is no place to ride and a video day is the only option.

Schuie gets the loader bogged big time at his compound further
complicating matters.

The weather clears late but everyone has had enough. Bilko has
to fly to America tomorrow so he heads for accommodation near the
airport. Kain, Top Dog, Cam and Cams girl, Bridgette head for Dream World. Harry and Balchin turn around and drive back to the Gold Coast.

January 9 2006

Diary Entry 9/1/06 Location: Schuies House, Boonah, QLD

Leave New Zealand at some ungodly hour of the morning. Endure
another crazy car ride at the mercy of Bilko Schumacher.
Check out a clay pit on the way through. It looks promising just
needs sometime with a bobcat to sort things out.

Arrive at Schuie's new pad in Boonah. It's nice to see a rider earn
enough to whack a deposit on a house. It's a good house too. Even has a
swimming pool which is just as well as it's stinking hot and muggy as hell.

Kain Soul, Top Dog and Lars Eritz rock up but there is no riding

January 8 2006

Diary Entry 8/1/06 Location; Lake Karapiro

Another perfect day for FMX. By late in the day I have so many photos and video I even do a stint as a commentator.

Final results after more sick riding are: Scuie, Bilko, Franklin,
Sinclair, Smith and Price. Luke Smith doea his first two flips to dirt and rides them both away to get a monkey off his back. He also takes out a best whip comp.

Things only get more exciting for me as Bilko is chosen to drive
us to the airport. He can drive but it was still pretty scary. Time to fly to Queensland for Schuies Summer Camp.