Holtzy's Diary

January 7 2006

Diary Entry 7/1/06 Location: Lake Karapiro

Perfect day for FMX
Young Levi Sherwood crashes again early and puts himself out
for the rest of the event. He's unhurt other than some bruises and petrol burns.
Local boy Zane also crashes with his bike ending up well caught in the boundary fence. Judge Tim Watson also came up short ending a trifecta of crashes in practice.

The comp gets underway to a decent crowd of 2000 or so.

January 6 2006

January 6 2006 Location: Lake Karapiro, North Island of New

Raining again.
Slept until lunchtime recovering from long flights. Was woken up by a big jet boat powering up the lake. The weather starts to clear and eventually by mid afternoon Mary makes the call to start practice.

Bilko, Schuie, Cam and Levi ride. Levi hits it first and crashes big time. He comes up short, cases then does a full flip. It was a nasty looking crash but he walks away. I shot a sequence on slide film which should look good.

January 5 2006

5 January 2006 Location: New Zealand

Arrive in New Zealand after all night flight from Perth. Got the
explosive residue check again for about the fifth time in a row. I must look like a terrorist. Naturally it's raining.

Drive hour and a half south to a place called Lake Karapiro near
Hamilton the old X Air location.The set up for the event looks amazing. The lake is surrounded by flash mansions and typical NZ greenery. It's a full wakeboard wonderland as well. There's all sorts of jumps into the water, BMX /skate street course and a really good BMX dirt run.