Steve Mini Wins New Zealand FMX Battle Championship


The competition was fierce at the New Zealand Freestyle MotoX championship series for the 2010 title. The FMX Battle line up of NZ and Australian riders fought hard over the two-round series with Australian Steve Mini coming out on top in both the Wanganui and Tauranga events, achieving the overall title.

Steve Mini WIns 2010 Rev Heads Australian FMX Champs


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Stretch, Video by Mass Productions

Steve Mini continued the great tradition of only the finest FMX riders in the Southern Hemisphere by winning the Narrogin Rev Heads Australian FMX Championships for 2010.

With the best course, good prizemoney and sheer prestige the Rev Heads event has continued to be the event to win in Australia. Previous winners include Rob Adelberg (twice), Cam Sinclair and Levi Sherwood.

Taka Wins Red Bull X Ray 2010


Story, Photos & Video by Holtzy

Japanese rider Taka Higoshimo nailed the highest score ever in a Run at a Red Bull X Ray heat to take out the title from the man who invented the X Ray event- Robbie Maddison.

Crazy Shark Feeding Frenzy


Story and Film by Holtzy, Photos by Nadine
One of the great things about filming on the Ningaloo Reef is that every time you think you have seen everything theres always something new just around the corner.
This time it was a pack of 20 big Tiger Sharks up to 15ft long plus a heap of Bronze Whaler Sharks feasting on a dead Humpback Whale. Theres no point trying to describe it in words just check out the footage that will say it all. I'm just glad that one Tiger missed when he had a go at my camera.
Pics are of Holtzy filming the much less dangerous Whale Shark

HGMtv Back On Fuel TV


The guys at Fuel TV love us here at HGM. Once again the first series of Homegrown Maniacs TV is tearing up the best Foxtel channel around.
Check your local guides for full details.
Meanwhile preparations for Series Two are well underway and filming is expected to start in October this year with a super secret shoot that will blow minds.

Holtzy's Diary Is Back!

Holtzy cray.jpg

Holtzy's Diary is back by popular demand!!!! (His mum wanted to know what he was up to).
Keep checking the HGM Head Honcho's diary over the next few weeks as he spends the hard earned HGM cash on a luxury boat cruise up the West Australian coastline in search of surf and big fish. Yep life's pretty tough in HGM land

HGM Signs Worldwide Distribution Deal


The crew at Homegrown Maniacs are proud to announce they have signed a worldwide distribution deal with Oscorp Entertainment.
What that means for HGM fans is you will be seeing a lot more of the brand of fun madness that HGM is famous for. Not only will it help produce series two of HGMtv but keep an eye out wherever you are in the world for the complete archive of HGM DVD’s, a box set of Series One of HGMtv, plus a whole heap of cool merchandise like HGM keyrings, pencil cases and popit lids.

Adelberg Wins His 2nd Australian FMX Championship Title


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Pauly Doyle & Stretch
Rob Adelberg the 21yr old FMX superstar from Benalla in Victoria took out his second Narrogin Rev Heads Australian FMX Championship win on the weekend against top quality opposition.
Adelberg qualified for the final in third place behind West Oz’s Josh Sheehan and Bundaberg’s Clinton Moore but had the smoothest and gnarliest run of the final to claim the $5300 winners cheque.



This years X-Games in LA was something very special with Australia's very own Blake'' BILKO '' Williams taking Gold in the Freestyle final just ahead of Nate Adams and Twitch. But the event was covered with a bit of a dark cloud as in the Best Trick event; Bilko was clearly smoking the rest of the field with his never seen before 360 Indy flip. But coming down to the judges final decision they handed it to last years Gold medalist Kyle Loza, who came out and threw down exactly the same trick as last year. Where's the progress for the sport in that?

Bushy takes out the Yamaha Cup 09 on a 2 Banga


Lately I have been racing at every chance I can get, I haven't raced for some time now as the eski and big nights with the boys had become a common thing. But this year I thought I'd have a crack at a local grass track race then got the racing bug back real quick.