Backyard Battles at Lancelin Dunes


Story by Holtzy photos by Mass Productions

The first leg of the “Backyard Battles” series went down in the sand dunes of Lancelin just north of Perth. A truckload of riders braved the heat, wind and long weekend madness to carve the shit out of the endless pristine white dunes.

There was some good stacks including Steve Sommerfelds epic (see video) and a heap of classics in the hunt for the best dune carve. It was a case of don’t fall off because if you did the rest of the riders lined you up for a heavy sand roost while you were down.

Unfortunatly the dunes were a bit soft and jumps were hard to find but there was still a couple out there to keep the cameras rolling. So who won? Well after a long day in stinking hot dunes and with sand in every orifice no one hung around to find out so all the prizes have been transferred to the next leg of the Backyard Battles series due to be held in Narrogin soon

In the meantime heres a few highlights from the day