HGMtv Goes to Air July 7


After many dramas, delays, hours at the pub etc etc the long awaited first series of Homegrown Maniacs TV is due to go to air on Tuesday July 7 at 5.30pm on Fuel TV on the Foxtel and Austar networks.

It's been a long hard road but for you the viewer it will definitly be worth the wait. The series is jam packed full of hardcore underground FMX, BMX Surf, Skate, Downhill Mountain bike, Chicks and general mayhem. It's groundbreaking and you won't want to miss a minute but if you do or if you don't have Foxtel then don't panic. We'll have the box set of the complete first series available later in the year.

If you can't wait then best get Foxtel or find someone who's got it!
HGMtv presenters Alfy, Krystal and Bushy on set for the last episode of HGMtv and behind the scenes working on the next scene with Director Holtzy.
Photos: Shaun Noonan