This years X-Games in LA was something very special with Australia's very own Blake'' BILKO '' Williams taking Gold in the Freestyle final just ahead of Nate Adams and Twitch. But the event was covered with a bit of a dark cloud as in the Best Trick event; Bilko was clearly smoking the rest of the field with his never seen before 360 Indy flip. But coming down to the judges final decision they handed it to last years Gold medalist Kyle Loza, who came out and threw down exactly the same trick as last year. Where's the progress for the sport in that? Did I just witness a full balls up by the judges? I think so and so did a lot of other people in the Staples Centre did on that very night.
But in true Ozi spirit Bilko came out guns a blazing in the Freestyle final throwing down some jaw dropping runs. And when Nate Adams lost the front end dropping in down the ramp to have his run along with a dead sailor that sealed the deal for Bilko to stuff yet a few more disgusting 360 Indy flips in the faces of everyone to see and take yet another medal but this time it was GOLD!! Well done mate!!!
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Story & Photos by Bushy.