Adelberg Wins His 2nd Australian FMX Championship Title


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Pauly Doyle & Stretch
Rob Adelberg the 21yr old FMX superstar from Benalla in Victoria took out his second Narrogin Rev Heads Australian FMX Championship win on the weekend against top quality opposition.
Adelberg qualified for the final in third place behind West Oz’s Josh Sheehan and Bundaberg’s Clinton Moore but had the smoothest and gnarliest run of the final to claim the $5300 winners cheque.
All three riders had one big trick- Adelberg’s Double Indy Flip, Sheehans Ruler Flip and Moore’s 360 Nac – plus a bunch of other tech stuff so it came down to who had the smoothest run and the best back up tricks.
The Rev Heads course was upgraded since last year and is now clearly the best FMX competition course in Australia with a 75ft ramp/ 45ft dirt rhythm section, another 75ft ramp, a 65ft ramp, wall ride and dirt transfer there was lots of room for variety.
Adelberg was the first of the big names on course for the final and he put the pressure on his main opposition straight up with a near flawless run and one lucky escape that might in the end have won him the title.
He was the only rider in the final to flip both jumps on the rhythm section back to back. The second of those flips over the 45ft dirt hit saw his hand come off accidently turning a straight flip into a one hand under flip which he landed clean albeit with his heart beating twice as fast as normal.
Clinton Moore had been riding smooth all weekend and blowing people away with his 360 Nac’s but unfortunately he came up short on a couple of jumps in the final and that was enough to drop him to third place.
Josh Sheehan qualified for the final in first place and also put down a near flawless run. It could easily have won him the title but in the end the judges gave it to Adelberg by less than a bees dick. The only way to separate those two in my eyes was that while Sheeny flipped the 45ft dirt hit he didn’t do it as part of the Rhythm section which was much harder to do. (Sheehan had managed to flip it as part of the Rhythm section in both heats but couldn’t quite nail it in the final). After two thirds in his last two Rev Heads events Sheeny must be wondering when that win will come.
The event was an event of two halves with the Backflippers duking it out for the title and the non flippers competing for the unofficial title of highest place non flipper.
The Gold Coast’s Joe Sheppard had some huge whip combos in amongst a tech run to take fourth overall and highest place non flipper followed by HGMtv presenter Steve Sommerfeld and Joel Brown.
In The 50's Paul McKeon made the journey over from Melbourne to go upside down and take the win, a big trophy and $1100 home with him
Once again the Rev Heads crew nailed the best FMX event in Australia. With the best course, the biggest prizemoney and (Finally) no wind it was a real pleasure to watch and be part of. Well done to Brad Chitty and all the Rev heads crew. Look forward to being back there next year.
Pic Above: Adelberg gets upside down and twisted up. Pic Below: Sheehan doesn't have a bad Indy Flip to go with his ruler flips. Pics by Pauly Doyle
More photos can be seen here