Josh "Sheeny"Sheehan


Story by Holtzy. Pics by Bushy, Craig Chiswell, Pauly Doyle, Philip Lycholit, Simon Makker & Holtzy
Josh “Sheeny” Sheehan is the best FMX rider West Australia has ever produced and he is fast making his name as one of the best FMX riders in Australia.
Sheeny is the first rider out of West Oz to regularly land the backflip and he first appeared flipping a weird little step up set up on Homegrown Maniacs 4. He really let the FMX world know he was around with a very credible 3rd place finish to Cam Sinclair and Matt Schubring at the 2007 Rev Heads Australian FMX Champs - The most prestigious FMX event in Australia today.
Since then he had another third at the Rev Heads in 2008 - this time to gun riders Levi Sherwood and Rob Adelberg where Sheeny landed his first Ruler Flip to dirt (and it was freaking huge!!!) to take out the T Bone Memorial Big Air comp. In the 09 Rev Heads he went one better finishing second by a bees dick to Rob Adelberg. It can only be a matter of time before Sheeny has a first place trophy at the Rev Heads on his mantlepeice
Winning isn’t foreign to Sheeny though. He took out the final round of the 2008 AFMX round against high quality opposition and if it wasn’t for a coming up short a couple of times in the final would have gone close to pipping Steve Mini for the win at the South Oz FMX Champs in Wuddinna.
At 23 Sheeny is a member of a great new age of Oz FMX riders- quietly spoken, professional, humble and very, very good on a dirt bike. With good bike skills honed from his racing days it wont be long before you see Sheeny take down a few big names on the International stage as well. Here’s a little bit more about the King of The Ruler Flip

Hometown: Donnybrook

Years Riding: 13

First Bike: KDX 200

Current Bike: CRF 250

Sponsors: Woodstock Honda Thor RaceTeam, Valyside, Osiris, Dragon

Career Highlights:
Winning the final round of the 08 AFMX round.

Home Compound: On our farm in Donnybrook

Rides With: Rogers, Russ, Mulcs, Rob. Whoever will ride.

Favourite Riding Spot: Phloppys with all the boys.

Biggest Jump: 150ft Dune

Favourite Trick: Whip or whip flip

Injuries: Broken wrists, collarbone, torn tendons,

Worst Crash on a Bike: But if you crash, aren’t you then off your bike? Shanghai KO and shoulder damage.

Worst Crash off a Bike: Cut thumb tendon, no riding for 3 months!!

Honey: I had karri this morning, on my toast believe it or not!

Dream Honey: Too many to chose from!

Heroes: Travis Pastrana, Jeremy McGrath.

Music: Old Rock

Movies: Anchor Man, Austin Powers. (this kinda thing is my bag baby)

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Riding and holidaying with all my mates.

If I Ruled The World: I would give mates and myself lots of money, then hand the reins over to someone else!

Ambitions: To be successful, wealthy and happy. Simple.

Shout Outs to: My parents, Phloppy and all my friends.
More photos of Sheeny can be found here

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