March 4 2010


Location : My Mum's, Capel WA
Holtzy’s diary is back!!! Did you miss me???? Haha unlikely. I’m back- partially by popular demand (My mum wanted to know what I’d been up to) and partially ego driven (I like the sound of my own voice- even if it’s in writing).
So from here on if you want to know the real behind the scenes highs and lows of HGM then this is the page for you.

So what’s been going down since you finished filming the series I hear you cry? Well the answer is too much and not enough. The truth is bringing out Series One of HGMtv in the middle of a worldwide economic downturn was incredibly hard. I’ve heard there was something like a 70% reduction worldwide in the number of new TV production during that same period so for us to produce a brand new TV show with very little financial support shows just how dedicated we are to the cause.

I have to say it was pretty special to see my own TV show going to air in July 2009. Of course there was a group of very special people to help get it there but as this is my blog and I wrote, filmed, co produced, directed, co edited, co financed and occasionally starred in the show I do feel a certain degree of ownership in the final product. So please forgive me calling it “My” show.

Unfortunatly, unlike the release of all my previous movies I didn’t get to have a big screen launch full of alcohol, athletes, hot chicks and good music. Instead I was up in Exmouth pumping out whale shark DVD number 300 to keep the creditors at bay and couldn’t raise so much as a half full stubbie of beer to the occasion. I know most of you probably don’t know much about whale sharks but I will say this- they are the biggest fish (and hence the biggest shark) on the planet and without them HGMtv would probably not exist as it’s been my four months a year filming the big, dopey loveable creatures that has helped financed the movie Homegrown Maniacs 4 plus the pilot for HGMtv and the first half of the actual series of HGMtv.

Since then it’s been all go. More than 258,000 people watched the first run of the series. It got repeated a lot over the Christmas period so I reckon we must be close to half a million viewers which is really cool. We have been working behind the scenes to set up all the infrastructure to enable us to film constantly year in year out and keep you guys entertained in our unique HGM style. After all if you didn’t enjoy what we are doing it wouldn’t be worth it and I would become a surf bum on a never ending search for the perfect wave.

The most important step forward is our recent signing with Oscrop Entertainment who want to market the HGM style of madness around the world. We are already designing all sorts of shirts, hats, boardies, stickers, pencil cases, shorts etc etc and theres some pretty cool stuff. And I can honestly say when I was a kid I never even dreamed that I would be making cool stuff like this that would inspire a whole new group of maniacs to follow their dreams.

But it’s getting late and my story isn’t finished so I’m going to sign off now. There’s still a heap to say and I’m also on deadline to finish a profile I’m doing on Josh Sheehan For Freerider MX magazine. More on that later though…

Pic Above: Me filming Whale Sharks. Photo by Nick Thake. Pic Below: Fishing with my sister Jade. Pic by Patricia Hammill