Take A Tour Of HGM Headquarters


Photos by Alex Howell
So what did the HGM crew do with all the millions they made from the first series of HGMtv? Pimped it up of course with an epic 70's style three story porn pad complete with shagpile carpet on the walls and stairs.
We thought it was time we took you behind the scenes at the HGM Headquarters and there is no one better for the job than the sultry HGM Honey, Katie.
It's a typical lazy Saturday afternoon at the HGM HQ. There's hot babes everywhere, a couple of FMX rockstars - Matt Haggerty and Rob Clohessey - are sweating it up on the gym machine, Holtzy is cooking a storm on the barbie, photographer Alex Howell is shooting the Skin Babes for the next edition of Perth Street Scene, DJ Dr Funkenstein is spinning some tracks, the crowd at the pool table would raise more than a few eyebrows and down in the basement Indie Funk band "Liquid Krystal" is working on their first EP.
Yep life's hard, HGM style.
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