Holtzy's Epic Boat Trip Pt One

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Tuesday March 16 2010
Location: The Abrollus Islands- 40km’s off the West Oz coast

Well it’s been a mission but finally I can kick back and relax. The last couple of weeks have been chaos. In between working, surfing and saying last goodbyes to friends and family I have been non stop trying to organise my life for the annual move to Exmouth for the whale shark season.
I had hoped last year would be the last whale shark season for me but while HGM has made big steps forward I’ve still got to work to pay the bills. So it’s back filming tourists swimming with the biggest fish on the planet for a couple of months. Not a bad way to earn a crust I have to admit. Got a few extra kilos from a lazy Perth summer I’m keen to burn off chasing those big boys.
This year I’m doing things a little different. I’m actually heading to Exmouth on the beautiful 66ft boat “The Magellan” which I will I was working on while doing charters on the Swan River and will be working on for the whale sharks as well.
So I get to see a fair chunk of the massive West Oz coast by boat for the first time. Hopefully catch some big fish and maybe luck into a few waves as well although it’s a bit early in the year for waves in the North West.
I’m writing this from the boat at the Abrollus Islands off Geraldton. My skipper Bill had already driven the boat 22hrs from Perth and I have driven my car up to meet him in Geraldton. Then we set sail for the Abrollus on the first fun leg of the journey with a couple of friends for company.
The plan was to spend quite a few days checking out the Abrollus but theres some nasty weather coming and maybe a bit of swell so we are about to head north to try and stay ahead of the weather.
In the short time we have had here we still managed to get some fish and crayfish. I caught a 30 pound Spanish Mackerel and a few Baldchin Groper while one of my friends- Phil scored a couple of big Jewfish on another boat.
It’s my tird trip to the Abrollus and each time circumstances have conspired to make them short trips. One day I will get to spend plenty of time here. Still our next stop is “The Bluff” one of the most Iconic surf spots in Australia and maybe, just maybe, there will be a bit of early season swell around with no crowds. Heres hoping…
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