Holtzy's Epic Boat Trip Pt Two


Thursday March 18 2010
Location: The Bluff, Secret Location, Nor West WA

It’s nice when a plan comes together. We left the Abrollus a couple of days ago. Stayed overnight in the stretch of water between Dirk Hartog Island and the mainland and kept cruising until we arrived at The Bluff late arvo to be greeted by super fun 3-5ft lefts peeling down the famous headland.
The whole trip was in near perfect conditions just as we hoped. A couple of times we put a lure out and caught some more Mackerel and a nice big Longtail Tuna which I nearly lost in embarrassing circumstances (see the video for that one). Our skipper Bill and the other crew- Dianne and Scott- all like their sushi so was being eaten minutes after it was caught. Personally the thought of eating raw fish does not appeal. I just like to catch them.
Since we have been at the Bluff it’s been rough weather outside but nice in the protection of the massive headland. So it was a good choice to leave early and stay ahead of the weather. The swell hasn’t got big but we have been getting 2-3 surfs a day with almost no one around. It’s weird to see so few camps here. In a few months time there will be hundreds of surfers living here and the waves will be very crowded. We have been extremely lucky to get surf at this time of year. I’ve always dreamed of living on a yacht moored in this bay. Now I’m living the dream.
There are people here- one or two camps plus the local caretakers. The locals include two families with 15 children between them. 15!!!!! That’s a lot of kids haha. They are all aged between about 6-16 and all of the older ones surf (guys and girls). They paddle out in a big group and laugh and have heaps of fun- oblivious to the sharks, coral and other dangers around. They have grown up here and don’t know any better. It’s great to see. We are more than two hours on bad dirt roads from the nearest town so they are all home schooled- it’s a pretty cool life for them.
The Bluff has been a special place for me too. I lived in a cave on the beach here when I was nine years old and that was my school room for a while. I even had a turtle lay it’s eggs next to me one night while I was in bed.
Years later I returned and took a photo off the rocks off Gracetown surfer Rick Jackovich pulling into an eight foot barrel and scored the cover of Tracks Surfing magazine with my first ever published surf shot. That set me on the path that has led to the creation of HGM and where I am now.
Tomorrow we will be heading off on the final leg of the journey. Just north of here the Ningaloo Reef begins and runs for around 280kms up to Exmouth which is our final destination. We will take a few days to enjoy it and hopefully jag a surf at another of my favourite waves on the way up and of course catch plenty of fish. Lifes good on The Magellan…
Click here to watch the video from Part Two of The Epic Boat Trip

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