Holtzy's Epic Boat Trip Pt Three

Holtzy with Chinaman.jpg

Location: Exmouth, West Oz

Well I’m here. Exmouth, home of the biggest fish on the planet and a favourite place for me to hang and enjoy life.
I’ve been here for a few weeks now, The whale sharks have been everywhere and life has been good. Lots of 15 hour days work but they have been good days.
The highlight of the last leg of the boat trip was of course my epic battle with a mystery fish. It took an hour of fighting and a lot of luck went my way but eventually I landed the fish you see on the film.
Other than that it’s just been hard work and good times for Holtzy. I find it quite amusing that the biggest fish on the planet has inadvertently been a huge sponsor of extreme sports in Australia. Without the money I have saved filming tourists swimming with whale sharks I wouldn’t have been able to film all the cool HGM movies and HGMtv.
So that’s the final edition of Holtzy’s great up north boat trip. Hope you enjoyed it. Plenty more to come…
The classic video can be seen here...

Holtzy with Whale Shark.jpg