Unique Skimboarding in the Aussie Bush


Question: What do you do when you live miles from the ocean and want to do water sports but lack any kind of propulsion be it car, boat or wind to get speed.

Answer: Grab a skimboard, learn to run really fast and build crazy arsed rails to slide.

Aussie pro skimboarder Tommy Jacobson lives in the Canberra area and in a move that reminds me of the classic “The Ditch” footage from Waroona in inland West Oz for the first series of HGMtv he’s come up with a way to enjoy his favourite water sport.
The only way to truly appreciate what Tommy is up to is to check out the teaser for “Get Wet”- his first Skimboard movie and to just marvel at what crew do in this huge country of ours for a rush.
Filmed in the summer of 2009/10 mostly around the Canberra and Murrumbateman areas “Get Wet” is a unique take on another extreme sport sub culture that we here at HGM really dig.
Got to love Tommy’s style and look out for some future action of Tommy sliding the Worlds Longest Rail somewhere is the Aussie bush on a future episode of HGMtv.