Steve Mini WIns 2010 Rev Heads Australian FMX Champs


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Stretch, Video by Mass Productions

Steve Mini continued the great tradition of only the finest FMX riders in the Southern Hemisphere by winning the Narrogin Rev Heads Australian FMX Championships for 2010.

With the best course, good prizemoney and sheer prestige the Rev Heads event has continued to be the event to win in Australia. Previous winners include Rob Adelberg (twice), Cam Sinclair and Levi Sherwood.

With injuries and The Crusty Tour robbing the event of some big names Steve Mini was always the event favourite and realistically it came down to Mini making sure he nailed a run he is more than capable of doing to take the title rather than another rider stealing it from him.

Having said that Brad Burch wasn’t prepared to just let the title fall in Mini’s hands easily and his final run was full of seriously hi end flip tricks designed to cause an upset. Unfortunatly for Burchy he put down an amazing last run but crashed on his last trick -a KOD Flip- to take the pressure off Mini.

Mini just needed to nail a smooth last run with his finest tricks to take the title and he did just that to nail the win.

HGMtv presenter Steve Sommerfeld scored his first podium finish at the Rev Heads in four attempts with a third place despite being badly bruised from a crash in Indonesia the week before.

HGM team rider Rob Clohessehy from Perth had his best result at the Rev Heads with a super smooth run earning him a fourth place finish ahead of NSW’s Luke McNeil who distinguished himself by being the only rider to flip the 80ft dirt hit.

The 2010 Rev Heads was special for a number of reasons. One of them being Trials rider Jack Field who was possibly the first rider ever to compete in an FMX event on a trials bike. Despite being underpowered and having very little suspension Field did not embarrass himself at all. He was able to hit all but one jump on his trials bike, pulled seat grabs off the guard plus heaps of other cool tricks including backflips on parts of the course that a standard FMX rider could not have even pulled a heelclicker on. His 9th place finish could have been higher but his run was so different to anyone else’s it would have been extremely hard to judge.

The other real highlight was the number of new riders competing mostly from rural West Oz. James Pugh had never hit 75ft before but dialled it in on the morning of the event and then backflipped it for good measure. Pugh learnt the backflip the hard way- by doing it to dirt straight away over 45ft- so serious amounts of steat cred needs to go to him for that effort.

Other riders including Tyson Wright, Jake Holloway and Peter Andrzejeski killed it as well in their first ever comps. The sickest man alive- HGM Team Rider Shane Parsons rode the best he ever has for an 8th place finish.

All up it was another great comp from the Rev Heads crew. While the level of riding wasn’t quite the same as the last couple of years the real bonus was just how good the next level rode which is a great sign for the next few years. Congrats to Brad Chitty and the Rev Heads crew for another awesome event and we all look forward to what 2011 has to offer.
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