First Tect of Epic New QLD Bikepark

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For the past couple of years legend Oz FMX star Steve Sommerfeld and Matt Schubring have been working behind the scenes with the Queensland Government, Motorcycling Queensland and many other helpers to get a new bike park off the ground and running in Queensland.

The boys had to swap riding gear for suits and dirt jumps for concrete pavements to get things rolling but it's starting to pay off.

Motorcycling Queensland, the operators of Australia’s newest trail bike riding park at Wyaralong, Queensland, hosted over 200 trail riders at the 745-hectare site on Sunday March 27.

The ‘one-off’ event enabled detailed noise testing on and off the site, marking an important step in the development of the site as the home of trail riding in South East Queensland.

The trail bike facility is a joint initiative of the Queensland Government, Council of Mayors (South East Queensland) and Motorcycling Queensland, aiming to provide the best facilities for trail bike riders in Queensland.

Throughout the development of the master plan for the new Wyaralong facility, many factors have been thoroughly researched to satisfy regulations including environmental, public and community concerns. Initial computer modelling for acoustic noise tests detailed the spread of noise from trail bikes on the property by combining data of expected noise levels of the motorcycles and matching that on contours of the land and adjacent properties.

To achieve the real-world testing, a legal trail bike ride was designed to utilise areas of the land that would become the future trails and motocross tracks on the 745 hectare Wyaralong property. Members of the motorcycling community in both recreation and competition were invited to participate in the family-friendly day with the intention of noise testing. It is also well known that this is the most fun way to perform testing by enjoying the great outdoors on safe and fun tracks designed by some of Australia’s best track designers in Australian Dirt Bike Adventures and Moto Solutions.

Initial results from the test are positive with further analysis and professional reporting to come. The analysis of the noise testing results will be used in the further planning of the facility and Motorcycling Queensland are committed to ensuring that the facility operates within the noise requirements set by the State Government. Further planning will continue to be done in consultation with local community members.

Throughout the day of continual testing, many local community members were in attendance, including Scenic Rim Mayor, Cr John Brent. This followed engagement with nearby residents to coordinate testing at sites surrounding the facility.

The broad cross-section of riders was a clear indication of the high need for a facility such as the future Wyaralong base which is only one hour from Brisbane. Riders were a mixture of male and female, from young children to mature riders, families, novice riders to professional riders and all enjoyed the range of tracks available.

Ray Buchanan of Australian Dirt Bike Adventures, who ran the trail ride with Motorcycling Queensland, said the feedback from riders who took part in the trail ride was very positive with praise going to the level of organisation and the quality of tracks.

The Wyaralong Regional Trail Bike Facility is to be operated by Motorcycling Queensland with partnerships from Australian Dirt Bike Adventures, Moto Solutions and Invert Management. The facility is co-funded by the Queensland State Government and Council of Mayors (SEQ).