HGMtv Search For Big Barrels

Myron Porter.jpg

Story and Photos by Holtzy
With a big swell forcast the HGMtv crew loaded the HGM Battle Truck full of surfboards and camera gear, hitched a jetski and got on the road in search of a mythical huge right hand tube.

We drove through the night and thought we might be onto something pretty secret until we stumbled across the entire Red Bull team and Discovery Channel crew with the same plan in mind.

There was a who’s who of big name surfing crew with surfers like Koby Abberton, Mark Mathews, Jamie Obrien, Ritchie Vaculik, Paul Morgan and Brett Burcher accompanied by legend photographers like Ted Grambeau and Tim Bonython. Eight jetski’s and a boat and about $500,000 worth of camera gear made our little hardcore underground crew of Holtzy and Dools with cameras and Swinno and Myron on the ski look like amateur hour.

We certainly felt sorry for the local boys who weren’t impressed with the mass invasion of their home and things were made no better by the fact there was only a couple of sets big enough to break properly.

Our team left the boys to it and hit up another right away from the crowds where Myron got the biggest wave of his life only to be smashed at the end of it.

Back at the right the big names managed to jag a few sets as you can see from the photos and video. It certainly is an impressive wave.

All up we were stoked to just get on the road and take a gamble on a wave being on. I hadn’t done it for ages and got the bug back well and truly. The HGMtv crew are going to be hunting some big perfect barrels all over Oz this year for sure.
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