A Week Of Pumping Surf


Story, Photos and Video by Holtzy
Don’t you just love a good run of swell?
Not just a couple of days but when it turns on day after day and you get so sore that you wake up in the morning and wonder how your going to get out of bed to do it all again! But you know you have to because it will all come to an end soon and you will curse every minute you missed when the surf is shit for weeks.
The south west of West Oz has just gone through a classic autumn surf pattern and the HGMtv crew were all over it.
Between near death experiences, broken bones, horror wipeouts, big tubes and some fun, perfect days that make you glad you are alive we were there to record and experience it in all it’s glory.
Highlights include watching Dino Adrian and Creed McTaggart stand in some big right pits, hooking up with bodyboarder Joe Jordanoff for some cool as tube cam and putting the camera away and slipping off to some remote beachies for a few barrels ourselves.
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