FMX Session at Billy Hepi's


Story, photo's & video by Holtzy
West Oz FMX underground guru Billy Hepi's compound is the best location in the state for the boys to get together for a FMX jam session so it was long overdue for the HGM team to pay a visit to capture the action.
Together with Homegrown Honey Jacey Brown we arrived to see a typical day at Hepi's with every level of FMX in Australia represented.
The first level involved Billy coaching a couple of young guys as they begun their FMX career hitting some of the smaller ramps on the compound.
The next level featured Billy and guys like Shane "Zee" Thomas and Pete Andrzejeski as they trained on the 75ft ramp to dial in their FMX routines.
The final level was Josh "Sheeny" Sheehan as he practiced all his high end FMX tricks like Ruler flips, 360's, Indy flips etc etc just before he headed over to Europe for an epic run of wins on the international IFMXF tour. As you can see from the video he was also working on double back flips and coming very close to dialling them in.
Just a day after this was filmed Pete Andrzejeski and Shane Thomas both landed their first flips to dirt so the levels continue to rise.
This is just a small taste of what goes down at Billy's compound and over the rest of the year the HGM team will be there lots to document it all.
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