HGM Honeyz Search For Big Desert Barrels


Story, photos and video by Holtzy
With a couple of the worlds best female surfers in town- Hawaii’s Keala Kennelly and Yallingup’s Claire Bevilacqua- and a big swell on the way the HGMtv crew were always going to go hunt for the best surf possible. This time they scored big times…

Rather than spend 14 hours driving throughout the night in a car dodging 10,000 kangaroos we decided to charter a plane and fly straight to the waves in less than 3 hours.

Perth ripper Tevita Gukilau and pilot Paul made up the rest of the team and as we flew over the surf it was clear we had made the right decision. The surf was pumping.

There were plenty of other surfers on hand getting shacked off their brains including Kerby Brown, Marty Paradisis (all the way from Tasmania), Dino Adrian and Ry Craike who tweaked his knee bad on his first wave.

The next two days was a full on barrel fest that only the footage can do justice to. Highlights include Claire Bev dropping in on a bodyboarder and getting shacked twice behind him, Keala K’s double barrel at the Bluff and repeated beatings at Tombies and all the amazing pits ridden by guys like Tevita, Kerby and local lad Nate.

With the swell dropping we hopped back in the little Cessna and flew home. We had been gone for less than 48 hours but had shared a trip that we will never forget.
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