Josh Sheehan is kicking FMX backside across the planet

Josh Sheehan - Ruler.jpg

Australian Freestyle MX sensation Josh Sheehan has capped a stellar month of competition wins in Europe with his sixth consecutive win in the IFMXF Night of the Jumps in Russia, and in less than a week had signed on with Red Bull and finished in 3rd place at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Roma, Italy.

Valyside and Carlton Dry Honda FMX team rider, Josh Sheehan continued his incredible run of form in his debut season of IFMXF with two more First Place finishes in Penza, Russia, which has seen him rise to 6th place overall in the series after missing the first three rounds. But with six rounds left to the season, the World Championship is still wide open for Josh to move up the standings where he can hopefully make the podium overall.

“I was overwhelmed with the Night of the Jumps series so far. I learnt a few new tricks this year and I wanted to do well and aim to be on the podium each round, but I never expected to win the first event. I was really ecstatic, and then I won the next round and then a few more. I honestly didn’t think it would happen like that, but I am very happy it did” Sheehan explained.

“Javier Villegas is really motivated and it’s great to ride with and against him. He makes me step my game up, and also David Rinaldo rode solid with some big tricks, and Podmol rode solid until he was injured. I definitely knew I had to step it up to compete against those guys”

Only days after Sheehan’s success in Russia’s Night of the Jumps, Josh had secured a deal to ride for Red Bull in Australia, joining fellow team rider, Robbie Maddison. In fact, it was at the X-Fighters competition in Rome, that ‘Maddo’ presented Sheehan with his new Red Bull helmet and welcomed Josh to the team.

Sheehan then rounded the week out to post his 3rd place finish at Red Bull X-Fighters in Rome. Sheehan rode solid to make his way to the main event with big tricks including Lazyboy Flips, Heelclicker 360’s and his signature Ruler Flip. Sheehan then went head-to-head with Nate Adams in the Semi-finals and although Nate won that round, Sheehan had secured 3rd place and stood on the podium for the first time.

“I am stoked to podium in my first weekend at X-Fighters in 2011. It was a big learning curve in Rome. The course was huge and now I know what I need to work towards for the future and hopefully next time I can do even better. It has really been one of the best weeks of my life, I couldn’t have asked for any more!”

Josh is now preparing for the Madrid round of Red Bull X-Fighters on July 15th.

The below video is one Holtzy did for Sheeny 18 months ago that got him his first start with Red Bull. The kid has come a long way