September 16 2011

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Location: Home, Deep South WA
It's been a loooooonnnnnnngggggg tttttiiiiiimmmmeeeee since my last diary entry but I've been inspired by a pretty awesome winter of waves to really get stuck back into things.

Winter is not a great time for filming most extreme sports but for big wave surfing it's the prime time so I have really focused on filming surf while the swell has been big and the rewards have been spectacular.

The season began by working with HGM's favourite Homegrown Honey athlete Claire Bevilacqua. We did a lot of filming around the south west then scored an epic swell up north with big wave Hawaiian charger Keala Kennely. That was the first of three successful trips to the desert for HGMtv.

In between those trips a couple of 15ft+ swells at home ment I didn't have to go too far from my driveway to score some serious stuff.

But it was the last swell just a couple of days ago where we scored a wave a have been dreaming about filming for years that really made my winter. You can see a couple of screen grabs on this page from the footage to give you an idea of just what an amazing day it was and one that has inspired me more than no other to make sure we get Series Two of HGMtv on screen ASAP.

Some highlights have already appeared on 7 news and you can check that footage here

In the meantime keep checking the website and of course our Facebook Page for all the latest on our film shoots

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