Josh Sheehan Wins Red Bell X Fighters With Double Backflip!


Australia’s newest Freestyle Motocross superstar, Josh Sheehan, won his first major international competition at his home-nation Red Bull X-Fighters final round, held on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia on Saturday afternoon.

Sheehan defied the odds after almost crashing earlier in his semi-final, to quickly turn his mistake into a career defining moment when he executed a perfect Double Backflip in his Semi-Final round against eventual 2011 Tour winner, Dany Torres to set himself up with a Final round against New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood, where he would go on to win.

“Today’s win for me here in Sydney was overwhelming! My family were here to see it, and I’m glad to be part of three ‘firsts’. It is the first time I have won X-Fighters. The first time X-Fighters have come to Australia in 11 years and the first time I have done a Double Backflip in a freestyle competition” Sheehan said.

“I knew I had to pull the Double Backflip earlier than I wanted to, because I had to go head-to-head with Dany Torres in the semi-finals. I felt confident with it, and knew I just had to land it to be a chance to go through to the final” Sheehan said.

The deafening Australian crowd who packed out the Cockatoo Island venue reached fever pitch when Sheehan made it into the final, but it was his final run against Levi Sherwood that would seal Josh as one of world’s best Freestyle MX riders when he landed his second Double Flip for the day to take the win, and in doing so became 4th overall for the 2011 series.

“I felt so much better in the final round. I was so nervous before I did my first Double flip, but after I landed it, I was much more confident in myself and went back to my original run. I knew what the strong winds were doing, and I was comfortable with the doing the Double Flip again.”

Sheehan displayed one of the most technically difficult freestyle runs in Freestyle MX history, when he performed not only the Double Backflip, but also a 360 Heelclicker and one of the biggest Ruler backflips in his two-minute run, while utilising the very intense dirt course and continually riding the highest on the tallest wall-ride ever seen in competition.

Josh Sheehan is supported by Carlton Dry Honda racing team, Red Bull, Valyside Apparel, Dragon and DEFT gloves.

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Photos by Jorg Mitter/Red Bull