Ashlee Newman


Age: 20

Hometown: Perth

Occupation: Promotional Model

Favourite Extreme Sport: Surfing, I don’t know how to but I want to learn if anyone want to teach me for free….

In My Spare Time I Like to: Hang out with my friends, Love the beach and always love to go dancing at the clubs

Hangs With: My girlfriends all the time….

Favourite Nightspot: Subi for the weekend or the Cott for the Sunday session

Take Me On A Date To…… : Any where, I am not to fussy as long as its not take out.. hehehe or even somewhere u can sit and have a drink and a bit of a dance

And Feed Me…..: Thai, or sushi

The Drink You Should Buy Me is: Vodka Lime and Soda or a Red bull Vodka..

The Craziest Thing I Have Done is: Hmm I have done heaps of crazy things…. He he

The Silliest Thing I Have Done is: Roller skating on West Coast Highway in my underwear for a photo shoot.

Injuries/Crashes: Hmm I can’t say I have been in any car accidents but I guess u could say I have seen my share of operating theatres…

What I like In A Guy Is: Confidence, mysterious, they have to be funny; I seem to be attracted to bad boys… doesn’t do me any good but I can’t help it.

Current Hunk: at the present I am single so don’t actually have a hunk… Not sure that I really want one…

Dream Hunk: If I knew that I am sure I wouldn’t be single… hehe I haven’t got any idea who I want.. Celebrity wise would have to be Jack Johnson or Usher

Heroes: My parents, they have always been there for me through everything and always want me to be myself and do what ever makes me happy.

Music: I listen to everything..

Movies: I love your fast cars… like Fast and the Furious; also love a Knights tale, the Note book, and all your romantic comedies.

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Gorgeous weather and everyone to be happy.

If I Ruled The World: Ha ha I really wouldn’t want that responsibility but would love it every one was happy.

Ambitions: to accomplish everything I dream of doing and to travel. I would also love to make it in the modelling industry.

Shout Outs to: I want to thank my family for being here for me and Susie from Digital shutter speed to give me the confidence in front of the camera which is helping me accomplish my dreams ?

More photos of Ashlee can be found here