January 7 2006

Diary Entry 7/1/06 Location: Lake Karapiro

Perfect day for FMX
Young Levi Sherwood crashes again early and puts himself out
for the rest of the event. He's unhurt other than some bruises and petrol burns.
Local boy Zane also crashes with his bike ending up well caught in the boundary fence. Judge Tim Watson also came up short ending a trifecta of crashes in practice.

The comp gets underway to a decent crowd of 2000 or so. The
riding is all high quality with combo flips getting thrown down everywhere from Schuie, Bilko and Sinclair. Franklin also flips but his technique will make combos hard.

Format is two rounds of five jumps each with no repeats. Final standings after day one are: Bilko, Schuie, Franklin, Sinclair, Smith, Price Joe McNaughton and Zane Begovich.

Heaps of other cool shit going on. "Cousin" Jed Mildon rips on
the best BMX dirt course I have seen with each jump getting bigger not smaller. Some sick shit is going on with the wakeboarding but there is too much to see everywhere else for me to pay attention.

End the day touring the lake on a boat complete with bar and
three course meal. Good Times