January 9 2007

Diary Entry January 9 2007 Location: The Office, Perth

Well another hectic month on the path to HGM World Domination. I've been working hard on the pilot for the HGMtv show and it should be finished completely within a week or so. It features FMX, Huge Surf, Mountain Biking, Crashes and Chicks so there's plenty there for everyone.

With the help of the boys at punk band 3 Days Later we wrote and recorded a HGMtv theme song. It's one minute of killer punk. I love it. I've always wanted a HGM theme song. For some reason it makes me feel like we've made it haha.

Anyway we went and filmed 3 Days Later playing it live to about 10 people at the Hyde Park Hotel and made a video clip you can check out HGMtv Theme Song.

It's pretty classic. the guitarist and head honcho at Beer Fridge Records- Karlost - had dislocated his shoulder the day before and had it all taped up. It's amazing he could play at all. It's been a while since I've been to a punk rock show. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy that raw music live. Punk Out...
The HGMtv theme song live clip can be found here