Man Rides Pig


Story By Holtzy

In a thrilling display of bravado and masculinity Homegrown
Maniac "Bushwacka" rode this enormous pig in front of a packed
crowd of five bewildered mates. Bushwacka, a favorite among
Homegrown Maniacs worldwide, then proceeded to pull out his
trusty carving knife to the shouts of "Bacon all round!" and fixed
everyone a fine meal of roast pork.

When asked about the secret of his daring display Bushwacka

"Ya gotta know your pig. Ya know what I'm sayin'. It's gotta be
just the rights size. Too small and your not gunna get a good
enough ride and there wont be enough tucker to go around the
boys. Too big and the animal can get nasty and try and ride you.
I should know I've had one or two try and deliver the pork sword
ya know what I'm sayin'"

Pleased with his efforts at pig riding Bushwacka has now turned
his talents to another extreme sport- Lizard Kissing.

"Mate it's an adrenalin rush like no other!" says Bushwacka of his
new passion "Ya gotta slip the tongue in and get it out real fast
or ya gonna lose it ya know what I'm sayin."

We here at Homegrown Maniacs look forward to more photos in
the future of Bushwacka putting it all on the line for the boys