Epic Freeride Session At Black Duck Valley


Story and pics by Holtzy

Black Duck Valley in Queensland is arguably the best dirt bike park in Australia. Boasting several motocross tracks, 50 tracks, freestyle ramps and even one of Seth’s long distance ramps plus camping facilities all set in a beautiful area there is something there for everyone.

Homegrown Maniacs had done a trip previously with Shaun Richardson and Leigh Harriman back in 2004 which resulted in some nice photos being run in Freerider. This year the emphasis was on video footage for Homegrown 4 plus a few photos as well. We had already been part of a good event at the FMX Kaos show in Caboolture and had visited Robbie Marshall’s place on the way to Black Duck so this would be the perfect way to finish the trip.

Once again Harry joined us for the trip along with an impressive array of FMX talent for an unplanned trip. Rob Adelberg, Chris Thomsen, Travis Muratore, Shannon Weale and 8 year old Troy Smith all made the journey to be part of the action.

Unfortunately Seth’s distance ramp was out of action but the real highlights for FMX riders seeking a change from standard steel kickers are two big tabletops. One 100ft long and the other 140ft. The 100 footer is good enough for some reasonably high end tricks as Rob and Travis showed by busting a few seat grab tricks side by side. The 140 footer is more a fourth pinned fun jump not suited to tricks although Rob threw in a heelclicker once or twice.

The highlight from a video point of view came from when the boys all started hitting the two big jumps (especially the 100 footer) together. With Harry running helmet cam behind the pack some epic stuff got shot to cap off a very successful quick trip to Queensland.

For any dirtbike lover ever in Queensland HGM urge’s you to spend some time at Black Duck. It’s a pretty special place. Best times are during the week and camping is worthwhile as it gives you more time to really explore and tune in to the place.
More photos from Black Duck Valley can be found here
Pic Below: Leigh Harriman goes old school with a nacnac over the 100ft table top