Photos by Holtzy

Age: 18

Hometown: Margaret River, West Oz

Occupation: Cleaner, it pays the bills.

Favourite Extreme Sport:

In My Spare Time I Like to: Get loose with my mates, Surf, Party.

Hangs With: the ladies, the men, I have friends all over I hang with.

Favourite Nightspot: Probably Cooly Hotel, (AKA Balcony) over in Queensland. So many fun nights there.

Take Me On A Date To: Mexico

And Feed Me…..: Coronas

The Drink You Should Buy Me is
: Vodka Redbull

The Craziest Thing I Have Done is: Moved over the other side of the country by myself while I was only young.

The Silliest Thing I Have Done is:
way too many to write down..haha. No regrets though.

Injuries/Crashes: Never really been hurt that bad…not long ago me and my mates were jumping the fence so we didn't have to pay to see John Butler at the Leeuwin. I ended up kicking my toe pretty bad and nearly bleeding to death. Well not really but I did bleed a lot.

Years Surfing: 5

Sponsors: Freeride Innovations, Homegrown Maniacs

First Surfing Experience: I was at the beach with a few of my mates and we had a board to muck around on....Did that for a while and got hooked.

Surfs With: I surf by myself a lot of the time. Clears my head, But usually a few of the girls and sometimes a couple of the guys…when they give me waves. Haha.

Home Break: Redgate

Favourite Spots and Why
: Redgate because it's my local, and probably North Point and Indjidup.

Best Session Ever: Definitely when I'd just got back from Queensland, Id been there for about 3 or 4 months and the whole time I was there the swell wasn't over 4 ft. I went to Indjidup when I got back with my girls. It was so good to have decent waves again…I was frothing.

Worst Wipeout: I got knocked out a couple years ago at Smiths…had a big bruise on my head. Nothing real major.

Hunk: He knows who he is

Dream Hunk: Kalani Robb or Fred Patachia

What I like In A Guy Is: Good personality, Hot rig, and a nice smile.

Heroes: Melanie Bartels and my mum

Music: I like a lot of hip hop, old punk, and reggae. The Presets, Souls of Mischief, Wolfmother, Sneaky Sound System, Chromeo, Tupac..just to name a few.

Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, life as a house, and heaps of surfing vids.

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Waking up early and scoring perfect un-crowded waves, going home with mates and boyfriend and having a barby, then later on getting dolled up with the girls and having a night out on the town.

If I Ruled The World: I would make me rich

Ambitions: To get somewhere with my surfing

Shout Outs to: Holtzy, Kalgan, my Margs mates, my Queensland mates, The boyfriend, My family…!

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