21 year old Personal Assistant - Nikki Teece from Perth is not just our latest Homegrown Honey but she's a bit of a HomeGrown Maniac as well. The winner of the 2007 Search For a Skin Babe is no stranger to getting loose on a dirtbike every weekend. This along with her obvious good looks and crazy streak (Anyone who readily jumps in the middle of a serious fight to support her boyfriend is at least a little crazy) made her the perfect winner of the Skin Babe event held at the Liquids Niteclub in Rockingham, West Australia. Something tells us this wont be the last time we see Nikki on HGM.
You can see more photos of Nikki here

Favorite Extreme Sport: FMX

In My Spare Time I Like to: Get drunk and be merry

Hangs With: Mates

Favourite Nightspot: It will be Devil's Bar in Perth when it opens.

Take Me On A Date To…… : A good pub with live band and a pool table, followed by the drags

And Feed Me…..: Pizza

The Drink You Should Buy Me is: Vanilla Vodka on the rocks

The Craziest Thing I Have Done is: My bf was in a fight so I jumped in and ended up with a broken hand from punching some guy who was hitting him, the guy then knocked me out..ouch!!

The Silliest Thing I Have Done is: Fallen out of a tree when I was very drunk, had to take 3 days off work !!

Injuries/Crashes: The first time I tried to ride my bike in boggy sand!! I sucked so bad and I ate so much dirt that day and came home covered in bruises and grazes.

What I like In A Guy Is: I like a guy who's honest, can just be himself, can make me smile when Im down, likes to have fun, up for adventure and a tad crazy to suit my own personality ?

Current Hunk: My fiance Jase is awesome. He's my shithead ?

Dream Hunk: I'm happy with my fiancé but I guess it couldn't hurt if he looked like Carey Hart.

Heroes: People who have been through shit but are stronger and better people for it.

Music: Guns'n'Roses, System of a Down, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, ACDC, Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson and heaps more ?

Movies: The Crow, The 300

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Lots of alcohol, sun shining, music cranked, no work the next day and my mates.

If I Ruled The World: it would be CHAOS haha

Ambitions: Fark knows, I guess to just go through life happy and be the best person I can be. I'll quote Ali G haha: Keep it Real!

Shout Outs to: Jase, Brock & Louise – The only ppl crazier than me :P