Diary Entry August 3 2008


Location: Pommie Nicks place, Exmouth, North West Oz

Well it’s been a bloody long time since I did a diary entry but there has been plenty of good reasons why.

Firstly I have just come off of four months almost non stop work filming whale sharks. I basically spend around 8-10hrs on the boat filming and another 4-6 hours editing the footage pretty much 13 days out of 14. It’s a full on job but one I really love. On any given day you never know what cool stuff you are going to see and I really love working on the ocean.

Of course the big news is Fuel TV have seen the pilot of HGMtv which myself and the rest of the HGM crew worked so hard on and they loved it. They reject plenty of proposals but ours was well and truly up to scratch. Mere words cant describe how good this news was to me. I always believed we were good enough but it’d good to get confirmation. I had to step away from the whole FMX scene to work hard to make the money to finance the pilot and it’s very rewarding to know that hard work and money was well spent.

So now it’s time to make the series. For those that don’t know it’s based on “Crazy People Doing Crazy Things In their Own Backyard”. So if you read this and think you fit the bill or know someone who does then let us know.

Meanwhile I’m taking a kind of “Working Holiday” I’m on my way to an area in North West West Oz that has some pretty impressive waves. Hopefully I will get a few waves myself and film a couple of stories for the series while I’m at it. Markland from Launch Helmet Cams will be there aqs well with some new water helmet cams we are testing so you the viewer gets to experience what it’s like to surf some of the heaviest waves in the world.

So things have shifted up a gear here at HGM. I know that the website has been a bit stagnant for a while but that was just while we set up all these important building blocks for the future. So thank you for your patience and make sure you tune in regularly as not only will the cool stories flow often but we will have heaps of video grabs and the HGM shop will be up and running very soon.
Pic Above: Me filming at WA legend Shane "Towny" Townsends compound. Pic Below: Wayne Giblett running the Launch Helmet Cam for HGMtv at Towny's compound