August 25 2008


August 25, 2008 Location: The Office, Perth[b]

Bloody hell who made it so cold since I left?! I’m always a little depressed at this time of year having just left the warmth and special lifestyle of Exmouth for the cold city For one or two reasons I’m probably a little worse than last year but at the same time I’m really excited about the work to come. Theres a lot behind the scenes that goes into making a TV show believe me.

So what’s been happening in the past month? Well as the photos and video show I spent a bit over a week at my favourite place on Earth- Gnaraloo just surfing, fishing and testing a new surf helmet cam that I have been working on with the guys from Launch Helmet Cams. One of the guys from Launch- Markland and his girl Sarah were at Gnaraloo at the same time so it gave us a chance to do some proper trial and error

It was nice to be able to go surfing and call it a “job” and as you can see from the footage I’ve got some cool memories forever recorded. It was a pity the waves didn’t get real good but there was still heaps of fun to be had. Got to say thanks to Markland and Sarah for letting me share camp with them. We camped in style.

From Gnaraloo I drove back to Exmouth with no muffler. It broke into 3 pieces on one of the tracks one day. I then had to move out of my house and had two different mechanics order up mufflers that didn’t fit. So I had to do the whole 1200km drive back to Perth on my own with no muffler. It was a very loud, boring trip but I got here safe and sound and didn’t even so much as see a police car.

So now I’m back in Perth and it’s full steam ahead. I’m going to really miss the Exmouth life but hopefully the excitement of creating a TV show and the whole future package that we plan for HGM in general will make up for it.
Pic Above: A nice Tailor I caught that fed 3 of us no worries. Pic Below: Me testing the helmet cam. Pics by Sarah
You can see Holtzy's surf video here