Wasted Talent Compound


Story by Holtzy Photos by Holtzy, Demelza & X Ray[i]

Once again the HGMtv crew fired up the battletruck and went on the road chasing more gold for the television series. This time we headed for legend West Oz FMX rider Shane “Towny” Townsends new compound near Donnybrook in south west Western Australia.
Aptly named the “Wasted Talent” compound it features a nice 80ft comp setup plus some dirt doubles, a motocross track and a newly built foam pit.
Joining Towny for the shoot was Manjimup’s Wayne :Wayno” Giblett who is one of the best of the up and coming West Oz FMX riders.
Part of the HGMtv crew arriving for the shoot was our female presenter Krystal Johnson who also doesn’t mind riding a bit of FMX in between motocross racing and burnouts. Unfortunately for Krystal she over jumped first jump and managed to break both ankles and fracture her pelvis. OUCH!!!
So with Krystal out of action it was left to the boys to put on a good show and they didn’t disappoint. Markland from Launch Helmet Cams was there and we took advantage of the good conditions to set up all sorts of cool camera angles.
Unfortunately just a week or so after the shoot finished Towny absolutely smashed his ankle when he came up short on a jump and while he is back limping around and riding its possible he may never have the strength in it to properly do tricks again. All at HGM hope the legend continues…
Pic Above: Towny whips it. Pic Below: Wayno helmet cam cliffhanger
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