September 20 2008


Location: The Office, Perth

Well the wheels of HGMtv world domination continue to be oiled. Since I came back from Gnaraloo I’ve been averaging 10 hours a day on the computer and a couple of hours on the phone. Starting from October I have heaps of shoots to do, particularly FMX. Theres one big hush hush special shoot too that’s going to be really cool if we can pull it off.

We’ve set a date to go to air for the HGMtv series. We are looking at April 1 2009. April Fools Day! Kind of ironic don’t you think.

I forgot to mention that before I came back from up north I did a story with the girls from King Dive in Exmouth- Mel, Dani and Inday. It was for a Homegrown Honeyz story and these girls fit the mould perfectly. Not only are they three attractive blondes but they are totally fearless too. Their job is to swim with Whale Sharks every day and guide a bunch of customers through a day snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef in water up to 250m deep.

There’s plenty of big man eating sharks around and these girls actually beg their skipper to let them swim with big tiger sharks armed only with a bikini. Actually the interview was pretty cool. There was plenty of funny stories about customers (literally) shitting themselves in fear and even one where a guy panicked that much he tried to climb all over Mel to get out of the water and ended up tearing off her bikini haha.

So that’s been pretty much it for the past few weeks. I managed to sneak down south and get a few waves a week or two ago and I’m going to try and do the same in the next few days. A man is not a camel you know. He needs a bit of water time to keep sane every now and then. Other than that our main focus is chasing sponsorship so until we nail that I wont be out in the field filming much. Just a computer nerd...
Pic Above: The King Dive Girls- Inday, Mel & Dani