Levi Sherwood Nails 2008 Narrogin Rev Heads Australian FMX Championship


Story by Holtzy Photos by PhotoCaro/ FMXXX.com, Holtzy & Bushy

Over the two years the Narrogin Rev Heads committee has run the FMX Championship it has quickly become the best and most prestigious FMX comp to win in Australia. With a big course featuring three big downramps and a wall ride plus $18,000 in prizemoney the 2008 event looked set to follow this quality tradition and it didn’t disappoint.
The initial riders list was amazing. 20 quality riders were entered including names like Schubring, Sincs, Sherwood, Adelberg, Sommerfield, Sheehan and many more.
Unfortunatly Schuie had a bad crash just before he was due to fly over and Sincs pulled out to ride the Super X events but the scene was still set to be an epic down to the wire showdown for the $6000 first prize purse.
As always the HGMtv crew were on hand to capture the action while Holtzy did his best to lose his voice for the fourth weekend in a row commentating FMX events. Although at times it looked like we would have nothing to film as the conditions to kick things off weren't ideal.
The wind was the big X Factor. It blew it’s guts out most of Saturday and only local lad Wayne Giblett really spent much time on the bike. He’s used to riding in the wind and it was a credit to the lad that he rode hard while most of the other riders felt it was way too dangerous.
In the meantime the 50’s comp was run and won by Queenslands Matt Lewis who was nailing some killer Super Flips and Indy Flips.
Finally the wind dies down just enough on dark and competition got underway. Rob Adelberg nailed a killer run in the first round to have one hand on the winners trophy while Josh “Sheeny” Sheehan landed his first Ruler Flip to dirt (and a monster at that) to win the Tony “T Bone” Wilson Big Air comp.
The next morning the wind was howling again and it looked like there would be no more riding at all. We were all pretty gutted but at the last minute it backed off and the riders got their final run.
Levi Sherwood was first out of the potential winners and he laid down a near perfect run full of massive tricks. Unfortunatly most of the crowd were just arriving so they missed one of the best comp runs ever seen in Oz. But by the time Adelberg and Sheeny hit the course the crowd had left the burnouts to see some high quality FMX.
Both nailed epic runs as well and it was a tough call for the judges. In the end it was the freakish flexibility that allows Levi to tweak standard bike tricks into completely new ones combined with a 360, Cordover Flip and Shaolin Flip that got him the win from Adelberg and Sheeny.
It was another epic event and with more prizemoney, an even better course and maybe just once a couple of wind free days next years event will be one no serious FMX rider can afford to miss.
More photos can be found here
Big thanks to Brad Chitty, AJ and all the Rev Heads crew for their hard work and dedication to the FMX cause. Thanks to the Roaring Lion Energy Drink crew for keeping all the riders and HGMtv team on the go and thanks to Hally for taking Bushy up in the chopper for a few shots while the final was raging