Diary Entry December 5 2008


What a hectic month it has been! It all started when I picked up my good friend and HGMtv presenter- Bushy- from the airport then drove 7 hours straight to Kalgoorlie for the last leg of the Revolution Tour. In between commentating the FMX and shooting stories for the show we did some pretty solid partying over a couple of nights and then drove 11 hours from Kalgoorlie to Margaret River on very little sleep at all. It was actually only a nine hour trip but we got lost taking a short cut haha.
We spent the next few days camping out and surfing around the Margaret River area. In between some fun waves we drunk plenty of beers and got a few fish as well. It was good to turn off the phones and get away from the madness of HGM for a couple of days.
Then we drove to Perth, picked up some new HGM clothing and drove back down to Narrogin for the Rev Heads FMX event. As always the event was fun but stressful due to the strong winds almost ending any riding and for the fourth weekend in a row I lost my voice commentating FMX. If anyone out there has some good exercises to protect my voice please let me know. The level of riding was off the hook though. Definatly made the wait worthwhile.
The day after Rev Heads we were at the secret HGM Ultimate Compound shooting the first sequence for my next movie. It had taken months to pull this shoot together and it was really satisfying to pull it off. The weather was near perfect, the riders loved it and the compound is arguably the best in Oz. Honestly you have no idea what I went through to make it work but when I was hanging out of the chopper as he did all these crazy aerial stunts while the boys went nuts every stressful second was worth it and the footage is insane!!
The next day we drove back to Margs for a surf then back up to Perth for a few days going through footage. Then we drove back to Margs to shoot a surf story towing a couple of Yallingup air lords into little waves and watching them do massive punts.
To finish off we drove to a town called Waroona where a bunch of wakeboarders have this really cool setup called "The Ditch". They have dug a ditch about 500 meters long, filled it full of water and chucked in a couple of X Games spec Rails. Then they get a car to tow them up and down the ditch and hit the rails (and a kicker) all day. Definatly one of the coolest things I have seen and they were an awesome bunch of guys. It was a real pleasure to hang out, drink more beer and laugh a lot. Bushy put the icing on the cake of his trip by going out and nailing the rails himself.
We left the Wakeboard crew early the next morning and I drove Bushy straight to the airport to fly him back to the east coast. In the three weeks he was here we drove more than 4000kms (with no stereo) and packed more adventures in than most would in a year.
From now until early 2009 I’m in editing mode so the computer is back to being my constant companion but early January I’m back on a plane and flying over to Bushy’s part of the world to finish the filming for the first HGMtv series. We have been through so much and pulled in so many favours to make this happen that I really hope every one of you watches the show when we finally go to air in April. I can promise you it will be worth watching…
Pic Above: Me on the surf mission. Pic Below: Bushy enjoying a moment wakeboarding at "The Ditch"
More photos can be found here
Check out the cool video we made at "The Ditch" for Roaring Lion