Tow Punt Boredom Relief


Story & Video by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

Fresh from the success of the HGM Ultimate Compound the HGMtv crew got on the road on a quest to wash of the dust and get a bit of salt water in their veins.
HGMtv presenter Alex “Alfy” Cater won himself a jetski when he caught the biggest wave in the Southern Hemisphere last year and with the swell only small it was time to fire her up for some tow assisted punting.
On hand for the punt session was boost lord Jay Davies who can punt higher than just about anyone in Australia and underground legend Mark Brandis who waxed his pornstar mustache and donned a Launch Helmet Cam to give the rest of us an idea what it’s like to have Alfy tow us into a few waves.
Over the next couple of hours the boys repeatedly launched crazy big airs and it was a little surprising no one broke a board or got hurt.
As always the footage will be turned into a cool story for next years HGMtv series on Fuel TV but in the meantime check out the photos and youtube clip for a little taste of the action