Rob Adelberg


Story by Holtzy Photos by Bushy & Holtzy

20yr old Rob Adelberg from Benalla in Victoria is arguably the first of the new age FMX riders. At a baby faced 14yrs of age he got his first photos in Freerider MX mag busting out killer grab tricks on a CR80 and from that time on he has steadily progressed to be one of the finest riders in Australia.

His style is incredibly smooth, his tricks all to absolute maximum extension and he’s a top bloke as well making him the perfect ambassador for FMX. He knows how to put on a good show at demos, has shown that he can handle the pressure of competitions and also knows how to ride natural terrain really well as proved when he beat guys like Robbie Maddison and Ronnie Renner at the last Red Bull X Ray natural terrain event.

Other career highlights include finishing second to Maddo at the 2006 Moto Mayhem event, winning the 2006 Freestyle Sports open in New Zealand against Matt Schubring and a first and second placing at the two Narrogin Rev Heads FMX events against high level opposition.
Along with Shuie and Maddo I rate him as my favourite riders to watch and film in any situation and you will be seeing plenty of him on the upcoming HGMtv show. In the meantime here’s a little bit more about “The Benalla Kid”
More photos of Rob Adelberg

Years Riding: 15

First Bike: Z50

Current Bike
: 09 YZ 250

Sponsors: SRH, Oakley, Motul, City Coast Motorcycles, HGM, Balls Deep, OGIO, M2R, TCX Boots

Home Compound: Two ramps at Benalla property

Rides With: Jackson “Jacko” Strong

Favourite Riding Spot: Jacko’s

Biggest Jump: 140ft

Favourite Trick: Flip whip, Indy Flip

Injuries: Severed Tendon, broken arm, dislocated wrist, skin graph all in one go

Worst Crash on a Bike
: Holy Grab- missed grab and face planted at Crusty Show

Worst Crash off a Bike: Van Crash 2006 Narrogin Rev Heads

Honey: Stacey

Heroes: Maddo

Music: KMK, Rise Against

Movies: All the Homegrown Maniacs movies

A Perfect Day Would Involve
: Riding a sick spot with the boys

Ambitions: Go Big

Shout Outs to: Bushy (City Coast MC), Holtzy (HGM), Matty Wright