Australia Day at Adam Bayards


Story & Photos by Holtzy
What better way to spend Australia Day than riding with a big bunch of mates eh? Well that's how the South Queensland crew spent their Oz Day anyway at local FMX rider Adam Bayards place located not far east from Brisbane. It had been hot, wet and bloody humid for weeks but this time the summer monsoons stayed away, the sun came out and a sick ride session went down in stifling heat.

The Bayard compound is the heartland for FMX in QLD. With the closure of Black Duck Valley theres not many places to ride in the state and thankfully Adams parents dont mind a bunch of FMX ratbags turning up on a regular basis.

As always the HGMtv crew were on hand to capture the action with riders such as Bayard, Chris Thomson, Steve Sommerfeld, Pete Anderson, Joe Sheppard, Matt Lindores, Jesse Fairfull, Azza, Matchy and Joel Rayner all sweating like pigs in their riding gear.

There was some sick trains when all the boys were on course and HGMtv presenter Steve Sommerfeld took time away from running the helmet cam to be unwilling target practice for some fireworks much to everyones delight. There was also a bit of wanton car destruction just to fill in the down times when the heat got too much.

Next stop for the HGMtv crew is FMX legend Leigh Harrimans compound.
More photos from Adam Bayards Oz Day Gathering can be found here.