Story by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

Theres an urban underground story about a mythical massive full pipe somewhere in the Aussie bush. Every now and then a group of hardcore skaters would gather maps, supplies and their skateboards and trek off into the wilderness in search of the “APOCOLOOPS”. Some never returned…

HGMtv had heard rumours about the Apocoloops for a while and was determined to discover their truth. An intrepid crew including Oz No 1 Vert BMX rider Tim Wood, “Zbd” a hardcore underground skater chick, HGMtv reporter and 50’s rider “Bushy” plus Holtzy on the camera set out into vast Australian bush with nothing but faith to guild us.

We swung across creeks, fought off crocodiles, snakes and giant spiders, rapelled down ravines and lived off nothing but witchetty grubs for two weeks on a fruitless search.

Hallucinating from the lack of food and water we had given up all hope when the trees parted to reveal the legend in all it’s glory- “The APOCOLOOPS”

What followed was an epic session. Zbd had broken her wrist on the treck in and showed great courage to ride the beast at all. Bushy becames the first to ever ride “The Apocoloops” on a 50cc and Tim set new records getting two foot higher in the pipe than anyone before on skate or BMX.
Special thanks to the crew at UNIT for believing in the Apocoloops myth and sending Tim Wood on the mission.

Bushy's photos from the Apocoloops can be found here
The full story of this epic mission can be seen in a future episode of HGMtv starting in April. But for now here’s a taste