Steve Sommerfeld


Story & Photos by Holtzy

24yr old Valyside team rider Steve Sommerfeld from Tiaro in Queensland is the Mr Nice Guy of Australian FMX. Steve is a very good FMX rider with a big bag of tricks and thanks to plenty of time on the dirt jumps at home and at Matt “Schuie” Schubring’s place he’s a good natural terrain rider as well. The proof being a recent first place at the 2008 New Zealand Farm Jam natural terrain event. He’s been around the scene for quite a while and has contributed a lot to furthering the sport in Australia.

He has his own amateur column in Freerider MX where he profiles the latest new ripper to come up through the ranks, he’s run amateur FMX workshops to give newcomers tips on staying safe while still pushing limits and even wrote a book -“The Ultimate Guide To Freestyle” with a complete rundown on how to do a lot of the tricks that the pros do these days.

These days along with fellow FMX legend “Matt “Schuie” Schubring he’s meeting with local council Mayors, The Queensland Premier and the Leader of The Opposition to set up a big bike park in Queensland. Something the state greatly needs after the closure of Black Duck Valley ride park.

You will see a lot more of Steve on HGMtv as he has joined the crew as a reporter for the show. Photos of Steve can be found here

Years Riding: 20

First Bike: 87 PeeWee 50

Current Bike: 08 YZ250

Sponsors: Valyside, FOX, Maryborough Motorcycles, GB Orthopaedics, Tag, Motul, Race Tech

Career Highlights: 1st Place at New Zealand Farm Jam 08, 2nd in FRMX's Rider of the Year 08, riding shows in China and Writing my own book - "The Ultimate Guide to Freestyle"

Home Compound: Summy Farm, Tiaro, QLD

Rides With: Schuie

Favourite Riding Spot: My home compound for cruising, Schuie's Creek for most fun, Farm Jam course for a comp and Secret WA compound for keeping your game on!

Biggest Jump: 180ft at Schuie's

Favourite Trick: Ruler

Injuries: 15 Major breaks including back, tailbone, legs, arms, shoulder, ribs and a Shoulder Reconstruction

Worst Crash on a Bike: Either tearing my shoulder to pieces doing a Nac Nac to Double Nac Splat… or Boner-airing at Schuie's when I was first starting to ride FMX and landed on flat ground on my arse, breaking my back, tailbone and leg.

Worst Crash off a Bike: When Dad ran me over in the farm truck with a full load of hay on. I stupidly tried to jump on the side while he was driving but slipped underneath and got run over. Somehow I only broke my leg.

Honey: Girlfriend Rachael

Dream Honey:
haha, Delta Goodrem!

Heroes: Travis Pastrana

Music: Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, but mostly anything. Except Country and Hip Hop.

Movies: Happy Gilmore, Austin Powers

A Perfect Day Would Involve: Waking up to a good bacon and egg breakfast, going out wakeboarding for a few hours on glassy water, pizza for lunch and mango thickshake to wash it down. Siesta for an hour, ride in the afternoon in cool temperatures with no wind and finish it up with a Camp Oven Roast watching the cricket and drinking some tinnies with mates!

If I Ruled The World: I'd do the same as my perfect day!! Oh yeah.

Ambitions: Keep living the lifestyle and see where it takes me. Everything has been awesome until now, so a few more years of surprises will be good.

Shout Outs to: Rachael for always supporting me, even when I'm never at home, Mum for watching me ride through the kitchen window, all my sponsors which make everything possible and anyone else along the way that have helped.. and Schuie for letting me break all his machinery all in the name of building a new jump!