Take A Tour Of HGM Headquarters


Photos by Alex Howell
So what did the HGM crew do with all the millions they made from the first series of HGMtv? Pimped it up of course with an epic 70's style three story porn pad complete with shagpile carpet on the walls and stairs.
We thought it was time we took you behind the scenes at the HGM Headquarters and there is no one better for the job than the sultry HGM Honey, Katie.

Vegas rips Bushy a new one!!!


When you hear the words Las Vegas you instantly think of endless money sucking Casino's, bright lights, fast cars and hot looking ladies that can't be trusted for shit. So to put it all into perspective I rounded up an elite crew of animal's too fire the HGM cannon into the heart of this very joint.

View the photos of this epic trip!

The South Oz FMX & BMX Sessions


Recently while in South Australia for a bunch of shoots for the series going to air on July 7 on Fuel tv we grabbed a few promo girls and checked out some of the finest BMX and FMX riders the state has to offer.

FMX, BMX, Hip Hop & Hot Chicks at the Valyside Compound Shoot


Story by Holtzy Photos by Mass Productions

It’s not often a company reaches deep into their pockets to put on an epic FMX, BMX and Hip Hop demo for free as a thanks to the crew that have supported them. But that’s exactly what Seb and the crew from Valyside Apparel did at the very cool Valyside compound just east of Perth.

The compound was newly prepped for the big day with 6 dirt hits and two 75ft ramp setups plus a BMX rhythm section and a truck for hip hop acts like the Freek Styles and Downside to rap on.

The Brisbane Skate Sessions


Story by Holtzy Photos by Holtzy & Steve Sommerfeld

Part of the mission briefing of the HGMtv East Coast road trip was to get some cool skate stories for the show.
Thanks to Greg Young (Who actually designed this website) we were able to hook up a cool crew of underground skate lords and check out some of the finer street locations around Brisbane.



Story by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

Theres an urban underground story about a mythical massive full pipe somewhere in the Aussie bush. Every now and then a group of hardcore skaters would gather maps, supplies and their skateboards and trek off into the wilderness in search of the “APOCOLOOPS”. Some never returned…

Australia Day at Adam Bayards


Story & Photos by Holtzy
What better way to spend Australia Day than riding with a big bunch of mates eh? Well that's how the South Queensland crew spent their Oz Day anyway at local FMX rider Adam Bayards place located not far east from Brisbane. It had been hot, wet and bloody humid for weeks but this time the summer monsoons stayed away, the sun came out and a sick ride session went down in stifling heat.

HGMtv East Coast FMX Road Trip Spills Blood on Day 1


Story & Photos by Holtzy

The HGMtv East Coast road trip got underway in usual Homegrown Maniacs style- plenty of action, lots of laughter and a bit of pain.

Wakeboarding at "The Ditch"


Story & Video by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

One of the great things about being on the road filming stories for HGMtv is that you get to see a lot of cool stuff but every now and then you get to see something really, really cool and “The Ditch” is one of those special places.

Tow Punt Boredom Relief


Story & Video by Holtzy Photos by Bushy

Fresh from the success of the HGM Ultimate Compound the HGMtv crew got on the road on a quest to wash of the dust and get a bit of salt water in their veins.
HGMtv presenter Alex “Alfy” Cater won himself a jetski when he caught the biggest wave in the Southern Hemisphere last year and with the swell only small it was time to fire her up for some tow assisted punting.

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