Spain Red Bull X Fighters

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Photos by Paul "Stretch" Maloney Story by Stretch & Brooke
More photos can be found here
Knowing I would be abroad during the 2008 XFighters series, I was a regular in internet cafes across Europe- religiously checking the XFighters websites for ticket release dates and other info. It was one of those opportunities that no FMX follower would want to miss.

More Extreme Whale Sharking

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Story by Holtzy Photos by Ray and Nick

As a last minute decision to help fund the first series of HGMtv it was time for me to get back up to the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth (North West Australia) and chase Whale Sharks for one last season.

For those that don't know Exmouth is one of the few places in the world where the biggest fish on the planet- Whale Sharks- regularly appear at a set time allowing a pretty cool tourist industry to thrive.

Yellowfin With A Side Serve of Mako Shark


Long Rambling Fishing Story by Bushy

How good it is when you wake up on a Monday morning and know that you have got the whole day off, kick back, relax and basically do fark all.

Well that would be the case if you were a cardboard coloured nowheredopey, cause here at the HGM headquarters a day on the lounge just doesn't cut it -unless it was covered in baby oil and there is lots ofthe opposite sex's flesh getting swung around, luckily a pigeon hit the closed

She'll Be Right Mate!!!


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Brett "No Worries" Burkett

The conversation went something like this:

Brett: No worries Holtzy the sand is rock hard just back her into the water, I'll hitch the boat up and you drive straight out.

Holtzy: Are you sure Brett?"

Brett: Yeah no worries Holtzy look. (Brett jumps up and down on the sand to demonstrate how hard it is)

Holtzy: OK mate if you say so we'll give it a try (Holtzy backs the car into the water and Brett hooks the boat up)

Extreme Whale Sharking


Story By Holtzy Photos by Ron the legend photographer

What does a photographer/videographer do when he's not recording the craziest FMX riders and surfers on film? Do a little crazy filming of his own just to keep the blood flowing is the answer.

This year is my third year filming tourists swimming with whale sharks 6-7 days a week for 4 months of the year and I'm still not sick of it. You just never know what you are going to see on any given day as every time you think you have seen everything the ocean serves up something new and exciting to see.

Homegrown Maniacs 4: The Verdict


By Holtzy

When I finished Homegrown 4: The Curves Of Mother Nature and it’s sister video – The Steel Sessions I was confident I had made easily the best FMX DVD ever produced in Australia but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a few others thought…

“In first place... CONGRATULATIONS ! I received and watched the DVD´s yesterday and that´s amazing ! I'm serious... a long time I didn´t have so much fun watching a film. Homegrown Maniacs 4 it´s different, a real FMX film !

Club 299 Homegrown 4 Film Launch


by Holtzy

The big Queensland launch of Homegrown Maniacs 4: "The Curves Of Mother Nature" went off in a haze of alcohol induced laughter and mayhem at Club 299 in Fortitude Valley. A couple of hundred keen FMX fans turned up to the coolest punk club in Brisbane to get a first look at the long awaited film release. Many called it the best movie they had ever seen.

Sneak Homegrown Maniacs 4 Preview Blows Minds!


By Holtzy Photos by Rock Princess Demelza

140 amped FMX riders and fans were lucky enough to get a big
screen sneak preview of the long awaited FMX film Homegrown
4: The Curves Of Mother Nature at Mojo's in Fremantle. While still
a few weeks away from being in stores the happy crowd got a big
preview of what all the fuss is about and no one went away
disappointed. Everyone had a ball and the non stop hooting
throughout the whole movie showed that the movie had lived up
to expectations.

With a "Rock Stars and Rock Chicks" dress up theme perfect for

Highlights of the 2006 Whale Shark Season


Story and Photos by Holtzy

Well the Whale Shark season finished a bit earlier than everyone expected but thats the problem with working with wild animals-
They set their own agenda. The whole idea to give up the FMX
and leave this website relatively untouched was to save enough
money to do a USA and Brazil FMX trip before my next movie
Homegrown 4: The Curves Of Mother Nature came out. To that
end I was successful although I could definatly have done with
those bloody fish hanging around a bit longer so I could fleece a

Swimming with Whale Sharks


Story and Photos by Holtzy

For four months in 2005 I was lucky enough to swim with the
worlds biggest fish almost every day at a town called Exmouth on
the Ningaloo Reef, 1200kms north of Perth, West Australia The
Whale Shark has been recorded to a length of 20m (66ft). The
biggest I swum with was around 10m (33ft) which I can tell you
still looks bloody impressive and more than a little daunting
when it's swimming towards you with it's mouth open. Of course
the whale shark eats plankton and krill not humans so I was

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