San Jose Dew Tour Vert Comp


By Holtzy

While in San Jose, Northern California for the FMX I called into watch the early rounds of the skate vert comp and took a few shots. Mostly I just enjoyed the action because it was insane. Some of the runs were mind blowing. Seen here are some highlights.

More photos from the Vert Comp can be seen here

Yellowfin With A Side Serve Of Mako Shark


Long Rambling Fishing Story by Bushy, Pic Above: Bushy with his Yellowfin

How good it is when you wake up on a Monday morning and know that you have got the whole day off, kick back, relax and basically do fark all.

"She'll Be Right Mate!!!"


Story by Holtzy, Photos by Brett "No Worries" Burkett

The conversation went something like this:

Brett: No worries Holtzy the sand is rock hard just back her into the water, I'll hitch the boat up and you drive straight out.

HGMtv Downhill Mountain Bike Shoot


Story by Holtzy Photos by Matt & Markland at

HGMtv is not all about crazy FMX and big waves. It's going to have lots of other stuff like BMX, MTB skate and anything else we like the look of. So when Downhill film guru Sam Davies flew to West Oz to film some scenes for his next movie the crew at HGMtv were all over it.

Front Flip Madness


Story & Photos by Holtzy

I recently went to the Perth Royal Show to check out some FMX action. The first show was cancelled by strong winds and the second by a horror dew that made the ramp too slippery. Still the BMX boys went out there and put on an awesome show.

HGM Surf Road Trip


Story by Holtzy Photos by Alfy & Holtzy

The Homegrown Maniacs are really on the warpath now. With many of the problems associated with getting a new TV show off the ground out of the way it's time to start chasing the fun stuff- the actual stories for the show.

With a big swell on the way it was time for team HGM (in this case presenter Alfy Cater and videographers Holtzy and Dools) along with surf photographer Russel Ord and junior surf star Tom Innes to get on the road chasing perfect waves.

When It All Goes Wrong


Story By Holtzy Photos by Luke Porcaro & Hugh Davis

We'd been tracking the swell for a week. A massive storm had formed off the coast of South Africa and methodically made it's way towards the south west tip of Western Australia pushing a huge swell before it. The weather predictions had it peaking at more than 35 feet sometime early Sunday morning but most likely the conditions were going to be just as radical as the swell ie big, bad and very nasty.

Desert Surf Mission


Story by Holtzy Photos by Demelza & Holtzy

Theres an area in the North West of Western Australia that is probably my most favourite place in the world. Over the years I have spent more than a year in total camped there in two week to four month stays. Just me in my little tent dealing with extreme heat, bitter cold, howling winds, dirt, dust, plagues of flies, swarms of moths, sharks, urchin infested razor sharp coral reefs, terrible corrugated roads but most importantly amazing surf, good fishing and many wonderful hours spent staring into a campfire talking with newfound friends.

New Zealand FMX Freeride Tour Begins


Story and Photos by Holtzy

It’s that time of year again when HGMtv travels to the home of epic natural terrain FMX freeriding- New Zealand. This time in conjunction with the Bible of FMX- Freerider MX.

This year I joined forces with Freerider MX editor Simon Makker and their video guru- Jade Foggo to once again explore the North Island for as many big natural terrain hits as possible.

After just two days on the road the boys can claim a couple of jumps over 100ft and plenty of other cool tech stuff as well as visiting a couple of prime MX tracks.

2007 Narrogin Rev Heads DVD Out Now


HGMtv sent four camera teams to the Narrogin Rev Heads to capture every golden moment. The best FMX comp in Oz combined with smoking tyres, hot rods and hot chicks made for an awesome weekend.

Now the DVD is available and high energy action together with a lot of laughs are guaranteed. Definatly a worthy addition to the HGM archives.

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